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The Plain & Simple Guide To Music Publishing

The best book for learning all about music publishing. We even featured it in our Best Songwriter Books blog post. It was written by Randall D. Wixen, who is an authority in the field of music rights, licensing, and publishing. He has handled the catalogs of Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, and The Black Keys to name a few. If you want to make a living writing music or are interested in earning music royalties, this is the best book you can buy.

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Songwriter's Market

If you are serious about submitting your songs to publishers, record labels, and production music libraries, Songwriter's Market is the best list of contacts and resources. Professional music makers have been using this submission guide for over 40 years.

Learn how to submit a music demo, pitch songs, and find managers and booking agents. It's a perfect reference book for any recording artist in the music industry.

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Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin (The Early Years, 1962 - 1966)

The most successful record producer of all time gives some excellent advice on songwriting, production, and arrangement in this extraordinary book. Any music maker -- from songwriters to lyricists -- will learn something by reading this biography. Here is a beautiful example of George Martin's recording studio genius: "The recording is not what one hears, but what one must make others hear."

You don't have to be a Beatles freak like the rest of us to learn something. There are plenty of stories and timeless wisdom to help navigate future sessions and artist relations. Despite all the modern technological advancements, the heart and attitude that goes into creating a song is very much the same now as it was in the sixties. George can help you build your craft.

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How To Get Your Songs On TV and Film: An Independent Artist’s Guide To The Production Music Industry

Okay, okay…I wrote this one. Still, a nice, quick read that could change your music career and income. The book shows you how it all works in a nutshell. It is to the point, and filled with tips, tricks, advice from the pros, and 25 contacts to companies that place songs from independent artists on television shows and movies.

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