* American Trashbird * The Violet Mindfield * Pilgrims' Dream * Jameson Workman *

American Trashbird “Never Have I Ever”

American Trashbird serves up some groovy indie pop rock with their tune “Never Have I Ever.” It is cool and catchy, with a chorus that gets you singing along. The arrangement makes great use of organs, synths, drums, bass, and guitar — classic rock and roll vibe with modern touches. We dig it and hope you get down to the sounds of American Trashbird.

The Violet Mindfield “Magick Lantern”

Light a candle, dim the lights, and spin the sounds of The Violet Mindfield. It is psychedelic, tripped-out rock and roll, filled with the effects and vibe of the 1960s. Even the title (Magick Lantern) throws in an extra “k” for good measure. If you enjoy The Strawberry Alarm Clock and sixties culture then you will really enjoy the Californian sound of The Violet Mind Field.

Pilgrims’ Dream “Ocean”

Pilgrims’ Dream fills the speakers with harmonies. “Ocean” is a melody rich soundscape, created by London-based songwriter and former Marine, Rob Ouseley. Fans of The Beach Boys and Bon Iver will dig this performance, and everyone will appreciate the wide stacked vocals. This song is perfect for licensing and we anticipate big things for Pilgrims’ Dream.

Jameson Workman “The Piano Blues”

Jameson Workman paints a lovely picture with “The Piano Blues.” The song has an old-time swagger, coupled with an irresistible charm. The vocals croon and the beat shuffles forward, while the background harmonies “oohh” along. It is an arrangement that is rarely heard these days and always enjoyable. The production and performance are worthy of a solid spin.

* The Silver Lake Chorus * Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits * mxmtoon *

The Silver Lake Chorus “Tabu”

The Silver Lake Chorus smacks your ears with “Tabu.” The song is part Broadway, part pop, and seriously fun. There is a cinematic charm going on with this gang. “Tabu” bounces from Abba-like melody to sixties spy noir. It is a wonderful and refreshing arrangement, with a performance and production that is top shelf. Van Dyke Parks helped the chorus bring this song to life — which might explain all of the color going on within this musical experience.


Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits

Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits will tickle your retro pop itch with “Lonesome & Blue.” There is so much melody and fun going on in this song. With a Buddy Holly/ Bobby Fuller opening, the tune evolves into a Jeff Lynne style production with Traveling Wilburys’ charm. There are even hints of Del Shannon and a fabulously cool piano solo. This is the work of musicians who have learned from the masters. We rarely hear songs this entertaining and refreshing.


MXMTOON “Prom Dress”

Whoa, mxmtoon is a talent coming up quick. “Prom Dress” is a teenage vibe anthem with a pristine pop glaze. The production is spot on and the vocal performance is flawless, with an up-front mix that keeps the listener engaged. In the few short days since its release, “Prom Dress” has gained some impressive numbers and traction across streaming platforms. This is the kind of release that gets listeners and labels excited. Keep an ear on mxmtoon.


* Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) * Cyberattack * Honey Moon *

Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) “If it's not too soon...(after)”

Jonas Lundvall will flip you out with his beauty, “If it's not too soon...(after)". Featuring Ken Stringfellow, the song is a wild adventure in sound and sonic color. Fans of The Zombies will appreciate the Baroque approach to pop music. The arrangement is wide and wondrous. As I sit and listen while typing about this song, I can’t help but feel threatened as a songwriter. This is next level stuff and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jonas Lundvall.

Cyberattack “I Know The Feeling”

Holy Jeff Lynne, Cyberattack struck us with a glittery pop arrow. “I Know The Feeling” is a production stunner, with an arrangement that whips the ears like a modern take on Electric Light Orchestra. Even the rising scale into guitar screech closer has us wanting more. Each bass line, keyboard run, and vocal melody has us thinking singer/songwriter/guitarist Ivan Anderson is a genius and Geoff Stanfield is a producer of the highest praise. This is the best.


Honey Moon “If I Could Only Dream”

Honey Moon will get you shimmying to their groovy tune, “If I Could Only Dream.” With a Wonders-worthy title, the song is a pop ditty that has us snapping, clapping, and enjoying every second of listening. The reverb, delay, and chorus guitar is done well and each member of the group has a tasteful approach to their part in the arrangement. Honey Moon is a cool band name, too. Everything about “If I Could Only Dream” has us wanting to hear more.


* Desert Magic * Sabel * FrankK *

Desert Magic “The Mother”

Desert Magic takes listeners on a melodic ride with “The Mother.” The arrangement is smart and well-thought, with dynamic turns that keep ears perked. When the hook hits, listen to the keys (Farfisa?) kick in. It is a treat that adds energy and vibe in a very unexpected and cool way. This trio has grabbed our attention with their unique approach to songwriting and production. We dig it big time, and hope you get down to Desert Magic.


Sabel “Two by Two”

Sabel will have you weeping and swaying to her new tune, “Two by Two.” A moody and moving production leaves space for a beautiful performance. The doubled vocal is front and center, wrapped neatly with a delicate strum. The arrangement is joined by a nice and crispy snare, while ethereal plucks transport the listener to another space. Formally known as Isabella Rose, Sabel can be found at New York City mainstays. Check her out, for sure.


FrankK “Cream”

FrankK is our favorite singer around. She is an unbelievable talent, and we have no idea why she isn’t stadium-sized famous yet. Something about her pixie-esque vocal vibe is unlike anything out there these days. With productions comparable to modern pop and The Pet Shop Boys, FrankK has the goods. “Cream” is her latest contender for the Top 40. It is a swirling pop soundscape, worthy of heavy swaying and head bobbing. Another FrankK gem.