* Lily Williams * Eva B. Ross * Holly Bernt Band *

Lily Williams “Maybe”

Lily Williams just released one of sweetest songs we’ve ever heard. “Maybe” is a sentimental and moving tune, featuring a delicate vocal and piano performance. It is a sad, yet optimistic production. The refrain, “Spring time will come again,” pulls at the heartstrings of any listener. Lily Williams is UK born, currently studying at the prestigious Berklee School of Music. With songs like “Maybe,” Williams is destined for a promising career as a songwriter and artist.


Eva B. Ross “Nick’s House”

Eva B. Ross will get heads shaking along to her second single, “Nick’s House.” Ross’s vocals are cool and breezy, delivered with confidence and an unmistakable swagger. The arrangement is just as slick, with a hypnotic production that swims around the speakers. This is music to smooch to, and it makes you tougher just by listening. If you dig “Nick’s House,” you will appreciate her first single, “Messy.” Eva B. Ross is top-shelf talent all around.


Holly Bernt Band “Good Gone Or Dead”

The Holly Bernt Band has us grooving to the smooth sounds of their latest release,“Good Gone Dead.” With a confident vocal performance, tasty guitar licks, and a thumping rhythm section, “Good Gone and Dead” has a timeless quality. The production is just as impressive — organic and mixed to perfection. Arrangement-wise, this tune has all the qualities of a song that deserves major playlist spins and attention.We are super digging the Holly Bernt Band.


* The Exbats * Margo * The Harmaleighs *

The Exbats “2027”

Bop til you drop to the sounds of The Exbats and “2027.” This is the kind of tune that makes you want to cut your hair into shaggy bangs. It sonically screams denim and leather. In other words, this is a Ramones style tune that you can move to. “2027” is the perfect punk production. “More troublegum than bubblegum”…you have to dig that. A father/daughter duo releasing music on Burger Records. Awesome. Their catalog is ferocious. Check it out…now.


Margø “In Between”

Margø crushes the speakers with her latest tune, “In Between.” Fuzzed out 808s and doo-wop heartbreak grab your ears right away. The Canadian born artist has a lovely screech to her voice, which fits perfectly ahead of a distorted wall of sound. The production is dynamic and dangerous. We love it. It is pop music with a nice gritty bite. Lyrically, it is about taking back power in a “toxic situation,” and delivered as a saturated gem. Well done, Margø.


The Harmaleighs “Sorry, I’m Busy”

The Harmaleighs offer a catchy apology with their new tune, “Sorry, I’m Busy.” It is a groovy beat, with a driving indie garage rock rhythm. The vocals dip and dive, before erupting into a manic melody. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig this, as will retro pop rockers. Production wise, there is a fun amount of grit, distortion, and wild emotion. The Harmaleighs are a Nashville duo set to release a rattling record She Won’t Make Sense on August 2, so stay tuned!


* Baby FuzZ * Lyrah * Division 7 *

Baby FuzZ “Mr. Blu”

Baby FuzZ is a songwriting and producing dynamo. His songs are other-worldly gems — each and every one of them. He has the mark of an artist that leads the pack in originality, talent, and fearless determination to be different. “Mr Blu” is a mid-century trip, with modern stunners thrown into the arrangement. It is a sonic wonderland, and Baby FuzZ deserves to be playing Super Bowls, shaking ear drums around the world to the sound of “Mr Blu.” If anyone can bring The Fleetwoods into the twenty first century, it is surely Baby FuzZ.


Lyrah “When We’re High”

Lyrah makes us want to sway in the candlelight to her new single, “When We’re High.” The song has a hypnotic element that is hard not to surrender to. The production is wide, and the vocals fill the speakers with the message of “falling for someone but being too guarded to show it.” The beat is solid, and the panning is wicked clever. The arrangement has a lot going on, pulsing and driving the listener through a dynamic performance that we dig…big time.


Division 7 “Jag säger vad jag vill”

Strap in and enjoy the ride with Division 7 and “Jag säger vad jag vill.” The song is supercharged pop, punk, rock and roll. The fuzzed-out guitars wail — always staying slightly off the rails — and the vocal harmonies glide over bass and drums that pound all the way though. This is a group I would love to see live. There’s also something nice about not knowing what they are saying, too…it lets the music do the talking, and it is awesome.


* Jordy * In The City * Shira *

Jordy “Stay Together”

We can not stop listening to JORDY’s new tune, “Stay Together.” It is an intimate song with a vocal performance worthy of pop chart domination. The production is top shelf, complimenting the clever and well-thought arrangement. Any songwriter or producer will appreciate this ditty. JORDY delivers a big performance that carries the listener all the way through. His voice commands attention, and we look forward to hearing “Stay Together” on Top 40 radio.


In The City “1985”

In The City always deliver honest and praiseworthy performances. “1985” is their latest heartfelt tune, filled with strong vocals and grand harmonies. The song comes after another noteworthy single, “Best Time,” building the catalog of a pop-folk group on their way to the big stage. Ashley Jane and Timon Wientzek have a special musical chemistry — each of their releases seem to remind the listener of an appreciation for the future. A warm message.


Shira “Am I Beautful”

Shira will stir your soul with her message-filled tune, “Am I Beautiful.” It is sweet and enchanting, with a smooth production and strummy arrangement. The video for “Am I Beautiful” brings the lyric to life in a way that is both emotional and celebratory. Penned from real life experiences, “Am I Beautiful” is a gift from Shira to the world. With a growing viewership on Youtube, the song must surely touch the lives of many. Thank you, Shira.