* Jordy * In The City * Shira *

Jordy “Stay Together”

We can not stop listening to JORDY’s new tune, “Stay Together.” It is an intimate song with a vocal performance worthy of pop chart domination. The production is top shelf, complimenting the clever and well-thought arrangement. Any songwriter or producer will appreciate this ditty. JORDY delivers a big performance that carries the listener all the way through. His voice commands attention, and we look forward to hearing “Stay Together” on Top 40 radio.


In The City “1985”

In The City always deliver honest and praiseworthy performances. “1985” is their latest heartfelt tune, filled with strong vocals and grand harmonies. The song comes after another noteworthy single, “Best Time,” building the catalog of a pop-folk group on their way to the big stage. Ashley Jane and Timon Wientzek have a special musical chemistry — each of their releases seem to remind the listener of an appreciation for the future. A warm message.


Shira “Am I Beautful”

Shira will stir your soul with her message-filled tune, “Am I Beautiful.” It is sweet and enchanting, with a smooth production and strummy arrangement. The video for “Am I Beautiful” brings the lyric to life in a way that is both emotional and celebratory. Penned from real life experiences, “Am I Beautiful” is a gift from Shira to the world. With a growing viewership on Youtube, the song must surely touch the lives of many. Thank you, Shira.


* Rivers and Suns * Michael G Moore * Social Beingz * Andrea Ricci *

Rivers and Suns “Crooked Mind”

Rivers and Suns released a video for “Crooked Mind,” and it is a masterpiece. Filled with honesty and imagery, the video pulls from the heavy emotions of the song. It is a sad, reflective, and self aware tune that pulled us into the writer’s world, with a vocal that makes your heart weep — and a performance that is so powerful, we rarely hear one that is more emotionally locked. We are wildly impressed from an artist and songwriter’s standpoint. Genuinely looking forward to more.


Michael G Moore “You Don’t Even Try”

Michael G Moore wraps listeners with swirly melodies and acrobatic vocals. “You Don’t Even Try” is amazing and awe inspiring. There is really no other way to put it. This is next level stuff. Sure, it has a Radiohead thing going on, but there are traces of The Zombies and completely unexplotred musical territories throughout “You Don’t Even Try.” Moore’s tasteful understanding of chord progressions and arrangement is apparent and worth great acclaim. Enjoy “You Don’t Even Try.”


Social Beingz “Push My Love (To The Limit)

To say we listened to “Push My Love (To The Limit)” a few times would be an understatement. We listened to it again and again, then sang it in our head, then went and gave it another spin, then another. It’s even playing this very moment. Now that is impressive, and exactly what a pop song should do. Social Beingz have taken up real estate in our brain. This US/UK duo cooked up a fun number with “Push My Love.” Reach 36 seconds, and the song has you in its grasp. Pop magic.


Andrea Ricci “Storm”

Andre Ricci is a Canadian singer/songwriter who will put you under a spell with her latest release, “Storm.” The song is breezy, with yearning lyrics, and a retro-tinged production. Ricci’s voice is comforting, and the production boasts just enough grit to paint a sonic picture of a rock and roll daydream. With a velvety voice and charming arrangement, this tune effectively “describes that way of holding back the way you feel about someone out of fear of his or her reaction.” Andrea Ricci is on her way up.


* Mick Mullin * Native Harrow * Izzy Miller *

Mick Mullin “Nashville Man”

If you are tired of country “artists” in Versace skinny jeans, then get up and tip your hat to Mick Mullin. “Nashville Man” is Mullin’s battle-cry for true Tennessee music and pride. The lyrics are the kind a whole bar can chant along to — everyone with a drink in the air and a smile on their face. Perhaps the best part comes when Mullin discusses those who were “lost in the mix.” Clever. Real clever. Set atop thumnping and picking, “Nashville Man” is one of our new favorite tunes.


Native Harrow “Can’t Go On Like This”

Native Harrow takes us on a sonic trip back in time with her latest release, “Can’t Go On Like This.” Set to be released on Happier Now, this tune has a Laurel Canyon meets Upstate New York sway to it. Crispy production meets confident songwriting. The whole thing is quite impressive when you think about the craft that went into committing this song to tape. Devin Tuel (Native Harow) has honey-tone vocals, with the melodic movement of CSNY. Her music is something special.


Izzy Miller “Another Drink Or Two”

Izzy Miller is a songwriter with a timeless touch. “Another Drink or Two” is Miller’s latest single, and it weeps like a classic country tune. Pedal steel guitar licks surround this song, with riffs crying over strummed acoustic guitar and straight talking vocals. Heartbreak, drinking, and sorrow are themes solidified in lines like, “I got a cold spot where a warm heart used to be.” The arrangement supports the sentiment, with a Graham Nash “On The Line” vibe. Piano, guitar, and pedal steel…dig it.


* Willolux * Cecilia Bellisimo * Em Lucia *

Willolux “The Gift”

Willolux is on a prolific run of excellent songwriting. “The Gift” is her latest stunner of a musical masterpiece. The performance and production are so unbelievably good that she stands like a giant over her contemporaries. I would like to say “VERY NICELY DONE” (yes, in CAPS) to Daniel Klenner (The Space Studios, Vancouver) and all those who contribute to Willolux recordings. Each release is a sonic surprise. Enjoy “The Gift” — an ethereal tune about a daydreaming artist.


Cecilia Bellisimo “No Starting Over”

Cecilia Bellisimo had us at castanets. Add a baritone guitar, and we are hooked. Bellisimo is an LA-based teenage artist with a wall of sound and talent. She has a voice and vibe that will soon be swooning its way onto your favorite indie rock playlists. “No Starting Over” has a sixties touch with contemporary swagger. The guitars chime at all the right times, and her vocals float atop the arrangement like a lovely lamentation. She is totally worth spinning and keeping an ear on.


Em Lucia “Signs”

Em Lucia achieves what most songwriters cannot — she writes simple, irresistible arrangements. The first time I heard “Signs,” I felt like Bob Keane discovering Ritchie Valens. It was raw, emotional, and lovely. Accompanied by what sounds like a tenor or baritone ukulele, her voice croons and cracks at all the right times. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig “Signs,” but there is more going on. Em Lucia has the soul of a classic songwriter, and her catalog is just getting started. Excited to hear more.