* Willolux * Cecilia Bellisimo * Em Lucia *

Willolux “The Gift”

Willolux is on a prolific run of excellent songwriting. “The Gift” is her latest stunner of a musical masterpiece. The performance and production are so unbelievably good that she stands like a giant over her contemporaries. I would like to say “VERY NICELY DONE” (yes, in CAPS) to Daniel Klenner (The Space Studios, Vancouver) and all those who contribute to Willolux recordings. Each release is a sonic surprise. Enjoy “The Gift” — an ethereal tune about a daydreaming artist.


Cecilia Bellisimo “No Starting Over”

Cecilia Bellisimo had us at castanets. Add a baritone guitar, and we are hooked. Bellisimo is an LA-based teenage artist with a wall of sound and talent. She has a voice and vibe that will soon be swooning its way onto your favorite indie rock playlists. “No Starting Over” has a sixties touch with contemporary swagger. The guitars chime at all the right times, and her vocals float atop the arrangement like a lovely lamentation. She is totally worth spinning and keeping an ear on.


Em Lucia “Signs”

Em Lucia achieves what most songwriters cannot — she writes simple, irresistible arrangements. The first time I heard “Signs,” I felt like Bob Keane discovering Ritchie Valens. It was raw, emotional, and lovely. Accompanied by what sounds like a tenor or baritone ukulele, her voice croons and cracks at all the right times. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig “Signs,” but there is more going on. Em Lucia has the soul of a classic songwriter, and her catalog is just getting started. Excited to hear more.