* Westover * Brandon Hoogenboom * Lucille Furs * FRI5K *

Westover “Love Me”

Westover dished up a fun ditty with his latest tune, “Love Me.” An alt-pop artist from Tennessee, Westover has a catchy thing going on. His sound is polished, radio-ready, and we are digging it. “Love Me” has a chipper melody, set to a head-bopping groove that opens up to a memorable chorus. At times, it has a Raphael Saadiq vibe — with swagger and soul. For those who love pop music, but are afraid to admit it, Westover is an artist you can sing along to with no shame.


Brandon Hoogenboom “Feelin’”

Brandon Hoogenboom writes the kind of music that makes turntables happy. “Feelin’” has a sugary sixties/seventies melody, with doubled vocals, and a perfectly pleasing production. The tune kicks off with a Pee Wee’s Playhouse slide up, before hitting the listener with a songbird vocal. The arrangement builds and builds, with a bit more energy added each time around. It has all the elements we dig about a three minute pop song, with enough sunshine for repeated spinning.


Lucille Furs “Paint Euphrosyne Blue”

Lucille Furs took all our favorite licks and production tricks, and bundled them into “Paint Euphrosyne Blue.” The tune is a shaggy, tripped-out sonic ride, carrying the torch by bands of old, who had their roots in garages, basements, and smoke filled clubs. These fellas know how to bring a classic sound to the modern stage. “Paint Euphrosyne Blue” is like The Monkees meets The Thrills. It is an amazing tune, but by no means the only gem from Lucille Furs. Keep an ear on these fellas.


FRI5K “Where The Roses Grow”

FRI5K will float around in your brain for days after you hear “Where The Roses Grow.” It is stirring, haunting, sad, and hopeful all at once. The song is FRI5K’s first release, and it is a strong one. From playing with indie rock bands as a teenager, to attending Paul McCartney’s famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, this artist has paid his dues and is ready to break out. Blending organic and electronic elements, “Where The Roses Grow” offers a unique listening experience. Enjoy.