* Vetle Forsell * Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls * Tali * The Mistoos *

Vetle Forsell “Adventures”

Vetle Forsell has one of the most pleasing voices (if not the absolute best) my ears have heard since reviewing music. His approach to songwriting is soft and sentimental, touching on personal yet familiar emotions and feelings. “Adventures” is a beautiful. Plain and simple. It is a song worth checking out, and from a songwriter/producer standpoint, "Adventures” is a masterpiece. It rises and falls, with hints of classical music and sixties folk: “Which leads me to that place we used to read of in books.” I look forward to hearing more from Vetle Forsell in the near future.


Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls “A Clubber Lang Fan”

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls find a sweet spot with saturation and harmonies in their new tune, “A Clubber Lang Fan.” The song is crispy and grooves along with doubled-tracked vocals and pleasing melodies throughout. It’s a laid back listen off their new album Beaches, on Hidden Bay Records, and a cassette release. This seems like a nice fit for “A Clubber Lang Fan,” as the distortion lends to the vibe. Fans of The Raveonettes will dig this, as will anyone looking for music to chill to.

Tali “Comfortable In Another Bed”

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage…Tali! With a stunner of a debut single, Tali shows off her vocal chops with “Comfortable In Another Bed.” It is a solid performance, backed by a top notch production. Everything from the vocals to the drum programming and tasteful musical arrangement is impressive. To complete the package, Tali has also released a stirring music video. She is most certainly a real deal talent and I am looking forward to hearing more from Tali.

The Mistoos “Girl (I Need You)”

Oh, snap. I dig The Mistoos. They have a sound that is undeniable California swagger rock and roll. “Girl (I Need You)” is a Beatle-esque Vaudevillian rock and roll tune with a contemporary tip of the hat to songs of old. Anyone who has missed The Thrills will get down with The Mistoos. Fans of Phantom Planet and Rooney will also find a soft spot for these fellas. Lush harmonies, clever musical chops, and a bouncy burlesque meets honky-tonk saloon piano make this song one of a kind.