The Quill "The Tower At Hunter's Moon"

nicky francis the quill

The Quill have produced a floral audio experience in The Tower At Hunter’s Moon.

Sonic-wise, arrangement-wise, production-wise, The Quill are peerless. Under the musical direction of Nicky Francis, this group of musical pioneers is as talented as they are unique. It’s a wonderful thing to hear organic instruments being played by true artisans. From the moment “Amherst Road” grabs your imagination until the enchanting bookend “Dovedale,” it is clear The Quill are exploring new territories. Nicky is a songwriter with vision and ability of a bygone era. While most composers are reaching for synthetic sample libraries, The Quill collectively relies on hard-earned craft. The lyrics alone (“Eye Of The Hurricane” especially) are breathtaking.

We have praised “Luna Di Luna” in the past, but each song on The Tower At Hunter’s Moon deserves a quiet, moonlit listen. It is poetic and reflective from beginning to end.