* The Exbats * Margo * The Harmaleighs *

The Exbats “2027”

Bop til you drop to the sounds of The Exbats and “2027.” This is the kind of tune that makes you want to cut your hair into shaggy bangs. It sonically screams denim and leather. In other words, this is a Ramones style tune that you can move to. “2027” is the perfect punk production. “More troublegum than bubblegum”…you have to dig that. A father/daughter duo releasing music on Burger Records. Awesome. Their catalog is ferocious. Check it out…now.


Margø “In Between”

Margø crushes the speakers with her latest tune, “In Between.” Fuzzed out 808s and doo-wop heartbreak grab your ears right away. The Canadian born artist has a lovely screech to her voice, which fits perfectly ahead of a distorted wall of sound. The production is dynamic and dangerous. We love it. It is pop music with a nice gritty bite. Lyrically, it is about taking back power in a “toxic situation,” and delivered as a saturated gem. Well done, Margø.


The Harmaleighs “Sorry, I’m Busy”

The Harmaleighs offer a catchy apology with their new tune, “Sorry, I’m Busy.” It is a groovy beat, with a driving indie garage rock rhythm. The vocals dip and dive, before erupting into a manic melody. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig this, as will retro pop rockers. Production wise, there is a fun amount of grit, distortion, and wild emotion. The Harmaleighs are a Nashville duo set to release a rattling record She Won’t Make Sense on August 2, so stay tuned!