Tales "So Blue"

Tales "So Blue" is an ethereal trip with clever lyrics and a silky vocal delivery. "The sky is so blue, it doesn't even matter" swirls like a deep thought that really gets the listener thinking.

Laced with folk and pop elements, "So Blue" is masterly produced indie music. Fans of Sigur Ros and Tame Impala's Currents will enjoy spacing out to Tales. Listen closely and you will hear layers of acoustic guitar, saturated Rhodes (maybe Wurlitzer?), pinging electric guitar, and snappy compressed drums. Behind it all, the bass is even staying creative while keeping it in the pocket.

"So Blue" is a worthy achievement in songwriting, arrangement, and production. Luckily, the music video compliments it nicely and conveys the vibe of the song without getting too artsy. One of the most intriguing works of recent memory.