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* David Brookings and The Average Lookings * Pi Ja Ma * Strandels *

David Brookings and The Average Lookings “I Grow Up Fast”

David Brookings and The Average Lookings are power pop masters. “I Grow Up Fast” is worthy of The Wonders. If you dig Fountains of Wayne or Captain Geech and The Shrimp Shack Shooters, then David Brookings and The Average Lookings are your new favorite band. The guitars chime and the groove swings with a classic, catchy vocal. The production is polished and a good time blasting from the speakers. Keep an ear on these fellas!


Pi Ja Ma “I Hate You”

Pi Ja Ma has enough swagger to knock out a rhino, and she puts it to good use in “I Hate You." The song is laid back with a catchy retro production and melody. The Parisian alt-pop artist is cool as a cucumber, as she performs the tune with an equally engaging video. The music and video come together to depict a different era. It’s fun, pointed, and groovy. If you dig sixties style melody with a heap of spring reverb, then Pi Ja Ma is where it’s at, big time.


Strandels “Love On Repeat”

The Strandels write the kind of pop that ranks Swedish songwriters among the best around. Sibling-duo Tova and Sixten Strandell have been busy these last few years, making music that has gained serious attention. “Love On Repeat” is sure to gain some fans with its timeless pop appeal and theme of “classic heart-break.” The Strandel’s performance and production is spot on, with a tasteful arrangement . It’s hard not to move to The Strandels.


* Pi Ja Ma * Fuzzy Surf * Letters From The Earth * Call Me Karizma *

Pi Ja Ma “Vertigo”

Pi Ja Ma gives the world a sugary performance with “Vertigo.” We are movin’ and a groovin’ to this tune — an alt-pop treat with a fun B-52s-style beehive production. The vocals and drums swim around the perfect blend of reverb and delay, while the guitar screeches and wails to fill in the arrangement. It is a formula we dig, and a performance that is instantly enjoyable. The melody is fun, too, with choppy piano keeping the song twinkling along. “Vertigo” is a pure sonic blast from Pi Ja Ma — Parisian pop that makes ears tune in.


Fuzzysurf “Problems”

Fuzzysurf is exactly what you need to listen to (right now). These fellas will have you turning up the dial and dancing around the kitchen — singing into wooden spoons and dreaming of sun, surf, and power pop fantasies. There is a Weezer sound in there, along with Superdrag, Bobby Fuller/Buddy Holly, and The Zombies. It is a wonderful blend of retro pop with modern rock and roll. The vocal harmonies are glorious, and the group grooves along to a surf beat that will make your legs twitch and toes tap. Awesome.


Letters From The Earth “Fences”

Letters From The Earth demand your attention with their new tune, “Fences.” One of two debut singles, this song is a cymbal smashing good time. The arrangement is filled with one surprise after another, and the production is top shelf. In a time when programmed drums and synthesized sounds are standard fare, it’s wonderfully refreshing to hear a band like this, out there making real music. Based around a longtime collaboration, Letters From The Earth are about to take over the playlists of everyone who enjoys hook-heavy rock and roll.


Call Me Karizma “Monster Under My Bed”

Call Me Karizma is an artist. A real artist. Not the kind that hops on a bandwagon, but one that takes the reins and leads the musical caravan. “Monster (Under My Bed)” is a song that snags the listener and keeps them locked in to hear how it all unfolds. Like a creepy storybook, the song is spooky and engaging. The production is gritty and saturated with a biting vocal that leaves you with no choice but to pay attention. There are elements of hip hop, punk, and pop, but Call Me Karizma is exploring a new sonic frontier.