jonas lundvall

* Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) * Cyberattack * Honey Moon *

Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) “If it's not too soon...(after)”

Jonas Lundvall will flip you out with his beauty, “If it's not too soon...(after)". Featuring Ken Stringfellow, the song is a wild adventure in sound and sonic color. Fans of The Zombies will appreciate the Baroque approach to pop music. The arrangement is wide and wondrous. As I sit and listen while typing about this song, I can’t help but feel threatened as a songwriter. This is next level stuff and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jonas Lundvall.

Cyberattack “I Know The Feeling”

Holy Jeff Lynne, Cyberattack struck us with a glittery pop arrow. “I Know The Feeling” is a production stunner, with an arrangement that whips the ears like a modern take on Electric Light Orchestra. Even the rising scale into guitar screech closer has us wanting more. Each bass line, keyboard run, and vocal melody has us thinking singer/songwriter/guitarist Ivan Anderson is a genius and Geoff Stanfield is a producer of the highest praise. This is the best.


Honey Moon “If I Could Only Dream”

Honey Moon will get you shimmying to their groovy tune, “If I Could Only Dream.” With a Wonders-worthy title, the song is a pop ditty that has us snapping, clapping, and enjoying every second of listening. The reverb, delay, and chorus guitar is done well and each member of the group has a tasteful approach to their part in the arrangement. Honey Moon is a cool band name, too. Everything about “If I Could Only Dream” has us wanting to hear more.