desert magic

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Desert Magic “The Mother”

Desert Magic takes listeners on a melodic ride with “The Mother.” The arrangement is smart and well-thought, with dynamic turns that keep ears perked. When the hook hits, listen to the keys (Farfisa?) kick in. It is a treat that adds energy and vibe in a very unexpected and cool way. This trio has grabbed our attention with their unique approach to songwriting and production. We dig it big time, and hope you get down to Desert Magic.


Sabel “Two by Two”

Sabel will have you weeping and swaying to her new tune, “Two by Two.” A moody and moving production leaves space for a beautiful performance. The doubled vocal is front and center, wrapped neatly with a delicate strum. The arrangement is joined by a nice and crispy snare, while ethereal plucks transport the listener to another space. Formally known as Isabella Rose, Sabel can be found at New York City mainstays. Check her out, for sure.


FrankK “Cream”

FrankK is our favorite singer around. She is an unbelievable talent, and we have no idea why she isn’t stadium-sized famous yet. Something about her pixie-esque vocal vibe is unlike anything out there these days. With productions comparable to modern pop and The Pet Shop Boys, FrankK has the goods. “Cream” is her latest contender for the Top 40. It is a swirling pop soundscape, worthy of heavy swaying and head bobbing. Another FrankK gem.