Sweet Fever


Turn your speakers up to eleven: Sweet Fever has arrived. If you want to scratch that itch for timeless rock, then this group is your ticket. Sweet Fever combines classic guitar riffs, confident vocals, and a solid rhythm section. They offer a real-life Stillwater experience. Their 4-track EP Heat Wave is a monster debut. One of our favorite standouts is “Morning Light” — a modern take on supercharged seventies rock. The performance is revved up and spot on. Another gem is “Gonna Love You.” It has a Free meets Bad Company groove, that swings into a memorable chorus. “Roll On” also keeps the listener grooving along. With songs like this, Sweet Fever is primed to hit the charts. Their TV and film licensing potential is undeniable. Sweet Fever is currently based in Nashville, but try to catch them if they make it to a town near you. Chances are their live show is just as energetic as their debut EP.