* Spectator * Sean Alan and The True Love Band * Freedom Fry *

Spectator “Weight”

Spectator gets you shimmying to their new tune, “Weight.” Brightly strummed acoustic guitar keeps the song rolling along, with steady bass and drums driving forward. The vocals are laid back and catchy, pleading through the chorus. The production has a Jeff Lynne meets Phosphorescent vibe — keeping it classic yet modern. We dig it, and look forward to Charlie, Baby, out April 12, 2019 in Scandinavia via Painted Black, a subsidiary of Nordic Records.


Sean Alan and the True Love Band “Dusty Photograph”

Sean Alan and the True Love Band keep the impressive songs coming with their latest single, “Dusty Photograph.” The production is worthy of the six-piece ensemble that recorded it. Alan is a true artist, with material that is unlike any of his contemporaries. “Dusty Photograph” takes turns and trips, always welcomed, before returning back to the powerful chorus. A spirited performance, the tune is the second single of Shake My Tears — a worthy listen.


Freedom Fry “Candy”

Freedom Fry offers a taste of nostalgia and bubblegum with their pop ditty, “Candy.” This song makes you feel good. It is produced with a retro touch, pulling from early indie and sixties tunes. The chorus is fun - “C-C-C-Candy” - now that is a good time hook. The arrangement is perfect, dropping at 2:30 before returning the listener to the “sweet” refrain. Freedom Fry dished up a cool one with “Candy” — the first track off their EP, Glory Days.