* Sean Alan and The True Love Band * The Wivez * I & I *

Sean Alan and The True Love Band “Monday Morning Blues”

Sean Alan and The True Love Band keep it cool and groovy with their new tune, “Monday Morning Blues.” It is a song worth swaying to, with a vintage garage rock swagger and a touch of modern charm. The tune is laid back with a catchy lamentation of getting up and going to work. Produced and mixed by Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple), the record is due out April 2019. It has a shot at paying the bills for Sean Alan and The True Love Band.


The Wivez “Let’s Get Serious”

The Wivez give us malt shoppe indie rock with their new tune, “Serious.” It has a fun doo-wop vibe, and the double tracked vocals beg you to listen: “Let's get drunk on your front lawn, let's get high on the beach - Let's get serious!" With lyrics like that, why wouldn’t you get serious? The play on words is wicked cool. At under two minutes, the tune also has a retro pop mystique. This is the kind of song Jimmy must have wrote when he left The Wonders. Nice.


I&I “Sometimes”

I&I just put out a jangling tune, “Sometimes,” and we dig it. The guitars are bright, with a shimmery strum, and the vocals are Kinks-esque with harmonies that keep you singing along. Recorded with members of Thulsa Doom and Brut Boogaloo, this is the debut release from I&I. The Norwegian pop trio pulls influence from the sixties, seventies, and even nineties. We are enjoying everything about this tune. It sounds timeless and totally worthy of spinning.