* Sam Sherwood * Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys * Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves *

Sam Sherwood “And a Song”

Sam Sherwood delivers a beautiful folk performance with his tune “And a Song.” Fans of John Denver will immediately welcome the natural setting depicted in Sherwood’s lyrics. “Fiddles and guitars fill the air” and a picture of Northern New York comes to mind. It is a timeless arrangement and the production is just as thoughtful. “And a Song” will bring sunshine to your day, no matter where you live. Hope you enjoy Sam Sherwood as much as we do.


Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys

Drew Beckman keeps it classic and classy with his latest release, “Colorado.” The arrangement is an earthy acoustic strum-along with harmonies weaving throughout. It is a calming, catchy song that has us humming after listening. If you enjoy Gram Parsons, then you will dig Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys. Their timeless approach to the craft of songwriting is much appreciated, and we hope to hear more harmonies from these fellas.


Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves

Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves will capture your ears with “Larger Than Life.” The song is a sweet finger-picked guitar and soft, soothing vocal, joined by a clever production and arrangement. Underwood has a voice that deserves attention. It reveals sincerity that is hard to match and “Larger Than Life” sounds like it could have been written forty years ago or forty years from now. This is an artist and group worthy of a good listen.