* Rivers and Suns * Michael G Moore * Social Beingz * Andrea Ricci *

Rivers and Suns “Crooked Mind”

Rivers and Suns released a video for “Crooked Mind,” and it is a masterpiece. Filled with honesty and imagery, the video pulls from the heavy emotions of the song. It is a sad, reflective, and self aware tune that pulled us into the writer’s world, with a vocal that makes your heart weep — and a performance that is so powerful, we rarely hear one that is more emotionally locked. We are wildly impressed from an artist and songwriter’s standpoint. Genuinely looking forward to more.


Michael G Moore “You Don’t Even Try”

Michael G Moore wraps listeners with swirly melodies and acrobatic vocals. “You Don’t Even Try” is amazing and awe inspiring. There is really no other way to put it. This is next level stuff. Sure, it has a Radiohead thing going on, but there are traces of The Zombies and completely unexplotred musical territories throughout “You Don’t Even Try.” Moore’s tasteful understanding of chord progressions and arrangement is apparent and worth great acclaim. Enjoy “You Don’t Even Try.”


Social Beingz “Push My Love (To The Limit)

To say we listened to “Push My Love (To The Limit)” a few times would be an understatement. We listened to it again and again, then sang it in our head, then went and gave it another spin, then another. It’s even playing this very moment. Now that is impressive, and exactly what a pop song should do. Social Beingz have taken up real estate in our brain. This US/UK duo cooked up a fun number with “Push My Love.” Reach 36 seconds, and the song has you in its grasp. Pop magic.


Andrea Ricci “Storm”

Andre Ricci is a Canadian singer/songwriter who will put you under a spell with her latest release, “Storm.” The song is breezy, with yearning lyrics, and a retro-tinged production. Ricci’s voice is comforting, and the production boasts just enough grit to paint a sonic picture of a rock and roll daydream. With a velvety voice and charming arrangement, this tune effectively “describes that way of holding back the way you feel about someone out of fear of his or her reaction.” Andrea Ricci is on her way up.