Paper Cameras "Speed Of Wine"

Paper Cameras music review

Paper Cameras represent solid rock and roll songwriting, and their tune "Speed Of Wine" is worthy of repeated listening. It's a song that seems to come straight from the late 90s, yet holds its own in modern day playlists.

Those familiar with recording will immediately appreciate the production value of "Speed Of Wine." It begins with a Zombies - esque "Changes" intro, and leads into a perfect blend of driving guitar, bass, and drums -- each supporting the vocal before being joined by a syrupy keyboard (Moog?).

Their pedigree isn't too shabby either, with the word "Supergroup" in the mix. They are probably deserving of the title, as this Portland/Nashville garage outfit features ex-members of The Dandy Warhols, Seawolfe, The Grifters, and Spectator Pump.

Fans of Nada Surf and Superdrag will freak out over Paper Cameras. Everyone else will dig them, too! For more info about their first LP Painted Light check them out: Paper Cameras