* No Aloha * The Busks * Meg Blumberg * The Paz Band *

No Aloha “The Big One”

No Aloha is super duper groovy. These Oregon indie rockers know how to write a catchy tune. “The Big One” is a shimmery number that has us humming. According to singer/songwriter Brette Irish, the song is about being in a big earthquake and only being able to worry what your crush is doing.” Unique concept, and if this release is any indication, No Aloha’s forthcoming full length will be met with solid reviews in 2019. Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin have something cool going on.

The Busks “Butterfly”

Shimmy and shake to The Busks. These fellas make our favorite kind of indie pop — cool and current, with a retro tip-of-the-hat. While sunny and innocent in sound, the song is actually about adult dancers. Va-va-voom! “Ring the bells” is a catchy lyric and made even better with “Sound the chimes, one, two, three, four times.” Off The Menagerie (an animal themed album, “Butterfly” has all the sugary goodness of sixties bubblegum rock. We dig it and hope it gets you swaying along.


Meg Blumberg “Wading”

Meg Blumberg’s music is breathtaking. Blumberg understands melody in a way that makes other songwriters jealous. A firm grasp of craft allows her to communicate emotions through thoughtful piano-led pieces that feature just enough instrumentation to get the feeling across. This neo-classical contender is on her way up the ranks and deserves a spot among the Olafur Arnalds of the world. For another heartfelt piece, check out “Happenstance” and become a fan of Meg Blumberg.


The Paz Band “Old Bag Of Sand”

The Paz Band is really something else. A bit of The Beatles, a dash of Flloyd, and entirely unlike any contemporary artist we have heard. “Old Bag Of Sand” is a smokey indie rock tune with a heap of psychedelia and swagger. The production is smooth and remarkable the entire way through. This tune is a perfect example of how arrangement and artist performance can carry a song from start to finish. The Paz Band is a unique and well-worth listen, and you will dig them.