* Mick Mullin * Native Harrow * Izzy Miller *

Mick Mullin “Nashville Man”

If you are tired of country “artists” in Versace skinny jeans, then get up and tip your hat to Mick Mullin. “Nashville Man” is Mullin’s battle-cry for true Tennessee music and pride. The lyrics are the kind a whole bar can chant along to — everyone with a drink in the air and a smile on their face. Perhaps the best part comes when Mullin discusses those who were “lost in the mix.” Clever. Real clever. Set atop thumnping and picking, “Nashville Man” is one of our new favorite tunes.


Native Harrow “Can’t Go On Like This”

Native Harrow takes us on a sonic trip back in time with her latest release, “Can’t Go On Like This.” Set to be released on Happier Now, this tune has a Laurel Canyon meets Upstate New York sway to it. Crispy production meets confident songwriting. The whole thing is quite impressive when you think about the craft that went into committing this song to tape. Devin Tuel (Native Harow) has honey-tone vocals, with the melodic movement of CSNY. Her music is something special.


Izzy Miller “Another Drink Or Two”

Izzy Miller is a songwriter with a timeless touch. “Another Drink or Two” is Miller’s latest single, and it weeps like a classic country tune. Pedal steel guitar licks surround this song, with riffs crying over strummed acoustic guitar and straight talking vocals. Heartbreak, drinking, and sorrow are themes solidified in lines like, “I got a cold spot where a warm heart used to be.” The arrangement supports the sentiment, with a Graham Nash “On The Line” vibe. Piano, guitar, and pedal steel…dig it.