* Love In October * Analog Party * Secret Lynx *

Love In October “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight”

Ready, set, blast off with Love in October and “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight.” It’s fast, fizzy, and filled with catchy guitars and shout-along vocals. The bass drives with a manic drum beat, and “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight” locks the listener from start to finish. There are elements of The Strokes, Nirvana, and The Raveonettes — a fun mix. If you want to get up and bop along to something new and exciting, then Love in October will be your new favorite band.


Analog Party “Model Youth”

Turn up your speakers, Analog Party has arrived. “Model Youth” is their latest release, and off their Model Youth EP. It is their debut record after a change of name, from Dead White Day to Analog Party. The group has a knack for bringing a heavy, nineties grunge sound to a modern audience. Fans of early Local H will dig this, as will heavy rock and rollers who miss electrifying music. It’s nice to hear a group playing their instruments, and doing it well. Enjoy the sounds of Analog Party.


Secret Lynx “On The Radar”

Secret Lynx grab you by the ear with their latest release, “On The Radar.” Fusing modern and classic rock melodies, they have produced a sound likened to Tom Petty meets The Shins. It is powerful, yet easy to listen to, and delivers an energetic performance and production. Secret Lynx is made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ronnie Dudek, guitarist/keyboardist Tyler Hardwick, bassist Jonny Doan, and drummer Kai Taylor. Together, they bring you Feline — a worthy album, indeed.