* Lec * Corey Durkin * Lex Audrey *

Lec “Coming Your Way”

Lec will place you under a spell with “Coming Your Way.” Crafted with the approach of a timeless songwriter, Lec needs only a voice and solo electric guitar to keep the listener engaged. His voice is uniquely pleasing, with a hint of Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. “Coming Your Way” is a lyrical story set to music. It exemplifies an attention to the art of songwriting — placing power in structure and performance, over glitzy tricks. A warm and welcoming tune.


Corey Durkin “Holly”

Corey Durkin will get you up and moving with his new tune, “Holly.” It is bouncy, bright, and polished with a radio-worthy hook. Durkin is a seasoned writer and performer, and his experience shows in this song. “Holly” has one of those melodies that follow you in the form of random humming throughout the day. It delivers all the goods that shape a catchy pop ditty. His performance and production is spot on, making “Holly” a great tune to start your day to.


Lex Audrey “Winter II”

Lex Audrey takes you over a sonic rainbow with “Winter II.” The song is wondrous and ethereal, with a rhythm that keeps the arrangement grooving on. While effect-heavy, the production is tasteful and never overwhelms or fatigues the ear. This achievement alone is praise worthy. The entire tune is hypnotic and engaging. Made up of Niklas Apfel, Patrick Pillichshammer, and Lukas Staudinger, Lex Audrey is a band worth keeping an ear on.