* Lauran Hibberd * Together Pangea * Amo Amo *

Lauran Hibberd “Sugardaddy”

Lauran Hibberd bops you over the head with her latest smash, “Sugardaddy.” The song has a nineties alternative vibe with a grunge-pop flare. It is gritty and glorious, with a hook that gets you moving. It reminds us of bands like Ash and Weezer, with a catchy sound that is hard not to repeat over and over again. The lyric theme is playful, and delivered with a serious, convincing vocal. “Sugardaddy” will be blasting on your speakers for a long time. Enjoy.


Together Pangea “Bet You Wish I Would Call”

Together Pangea has just released a jangling fun-time tune, “Bet You Wish I Would Call.” With a simple tambourine pop to keep time, the song makes excellent use of clever arrangement. Bouncy guitars, and saloon-style piano keep the listener bopping along. It is the first new ditty from their upcoming EP Dispassionate, out May 31st. If the rest of the album holds up like “Bet You Wish I Would Call,” Together Pangea has cooked up something fresh.


Amo Amo “When I Look At You”

Amo Amo take you on a mystical sonic voyage with “When I Look At You.” The tune has a groove that invites the listener to sway along. It is delicate and hypnotizing, with a cosmic production shaped with the help of Jim James (My Morning Jacket). Synths weave in and out, surrounding an organic, pulsing arrangement. Made up of five close friends with an ear for unique sounds, melodies, and textures, Amo Amo is making music that gets you thinking.