* Kathleen * The Bergamot * Stop Motion Poetry *

Kathleen “The Longest Year”

Echoing the sentiment of many, Kathleen pulls no punches with her new single, “The Longest Year.” Politically charged, the song is performed and produced to perfection. It tugs at the soul, while bringing into question the future of our existence on this planet. Kathleen’s vocal is gripping and gets the listener’s attention with a beautiful tremolo-laced honesty. It is a swan song of sorts. “Which way does the wind blow, Dylan?” Good question. Great question.


The Bergamot “Periscope”

The Bergamot will fill your speakers with their latest tune, “Periscope.” A dynamic arrangement, blended with sweeping harmonies, “Periscope” is destined to find its way onto indie folk playlists. The song rises and falls with pleasing vocals that only a husband and wife duo can deliver. “Periscope” grabs you with a railroad rat-a-tat, that immediately sets the song in motion. By the 1:37 mark, The Bergamot has you hooked and you’ll enjoy the ride.


Stop Motion Poetry “Missile”

Stop Motion Poetry is back with a new song and a great hook: “Missile.” The tune is bouncy and fun, touching on the ignorance of shortcomings, while keeping the melody catchy and sing-along worthy. When the chorus hits, the listener is pulled onto a pop carousel. It is a song that feels like a carnival ride, and the production compliments Stop Motion Poetry’s top-shelf performance. These four fellas will get your head bopping, and your toes tapping.