* Jordy * In The City * Shira *

Jordy “Stay Together”

We can not stop listening to JORDY’s new tune, “Stay Together.” It is an intimate song with a vocal performance worthy of pop chart domination. The production is top shelf, complimenting the clever and well-thought arrangement. Any songwriter or producer will appreciate this ditty. JORDY delivers a big performance that carries the listener all the way through. His voice commands attention, and we look forward to hearing “Stay Together” on Top 40 radio.


In The City “1985”

In The City always deliver honest and praiseworthy performances. “1985” is their latest heartfelt tune, filled with strong vocals and grand harmonies. The song comes after another noteworthy single, “Best Time,” building the catalog of a pop-folk group on their way to the big stage. Ashley Jane and Timon Wientzek have a special musical chemistry — each of their releases seem to remind the listener of an appreciation for the future. A warm message.


Shira “Am I Beautful”

Shira will stir your soul with her message-filled tune, “Am I Beautiful.” It is sweet and enchanting, with a smooth production and strummy arrangement. The video for “Am I Beautiful” brings the lyric to life in a way that is both emotional and celebratory. Penned from real life experiences, “Am I Beautiful” is a gift from Shira to the world. With a growing viewership on Youtube, the song must surely touch the lives of many. Thank you, Shira.