* Jet Luv * Albert and His Dreamboats * Dino Mansik *

Jet Luv “Rebel On The Run”

Need a power pop rock and roll fix? Jet Luv’s “Rebel On The Run” is an upbeat number that is sure to get you grooving along. The vocals are doubled, with harmonies playing nicely throughout the verses, leading up to a chorus that has melodic stylings of sixties groups like The Zombies and Beatles. Fans of Superdrag and Fountains of Wayne will also dig the modern meets retro vibe. The guitars are loud, the bass and drums pound along and “Rebel On The Run” is one cool tune.


Albert and His Dreamboats “Cheap Beer”

Crank the jukebox and crack open a tall can of cheap beer with Albert and His Dreamboats. “Cheap Beer” is a feel good tune that plays like a fun time at your favorite bar or backyard barbecue. While many artists would leave it at “I love drinking cheap beer," Albert and His Dreamboats add “with good people.” This clever hook is backed by a top shelf production and performance with an arrangement that closes via a late night wobble. It’s a stunner of a tune that sure brings a smile.


Dino Mansik “Iso ja tuntematon”

As an English speaker, I can only guess at what Dino Mansik is singing about, but “Iso ja tuntematon” has my toes tapping. Translated, the song title means “Big and unknown,” which is a good way to describe the dream-pop soundscape. The Finnish duo is led by Mikko M. Koskinen and Johanna Koskimo and their tunes are both epic and ethereal. It’s almost like hearing a cross between The Pet Shop Boys and The Killers — a transformative sound that is pleasing to the ears.