* Jeramiah Red * Freedom Fry * Jett Rebel * Friends of Friends *

Jeramiah Red “ Sally”

Jeramiah Red strapped roots music to a rock and roll rocket with “Sally.” You don’t hear harmonica wail like that these days. The entire performance is super-charged and a super good time. Little Richard meets Little Walter with a dose of modern folk troubadour. It is awesome to hear instruments actually being played. This is music you can shake a leg to. Get up.


Freedom Fry “The Sun Is Gonna Shine On You”

Freedom Fry offer up a fizzy and fun number with “The Sun is Gonna Shine On You". “Like a drunk on the sidewalk all afternoon.” Damn, that’s a slick line. It’s clever details like this that bring the sound of Freedom Fry through the speakers. The duo has proven to know their way around smart production and arrangements that lift modern rock to new levels. Freedom Fry. Awesome.


Jett Rebel “Waiting For The Weekend”

Jett Rebel just sucker punched our ears with “Waiting For The Weekend.” This is rock and roll with bite. Using a seventies swagger, Jett Rebel is at the top of his game. The lyrics, vocal inflection, and everything about “Waiting For The Weekend” is on the attack. If the performance wasn’t cool enough, the production bops you over the head til the very end. Rad.


Friends of Friends “Glass Jaw”

What starts off as a catchy indie tune erupts into a rock and roll epic. “Glass Jaw” is a great example of what a group can sound like when everyone dominates their instrument. It is like Yes, Queen, and The Thrills all mixed up into a wildly entertaining musical masterpiece. This song pulled at my heartstrings and had me feeling like I was reliving hearing Jimmy Eat World Clarity for the first time. Try not to get goosebumps. This is next level. Incredible.