Jealous Of The Birds "Marrow"

jealous of the birds marrow music review

Jealous Of The Birds just stunned us with a new song, “Marrow.”

Naomi Hamilton (Jealous Of The Birds) is a lyrical master. Her words paint emotions unlike anything we have heard in recent memory. It is poetic and sways like a leaf bobbing in the air. “Marrow” is a noble tune that seems fit for the courts of ancient kings and queens — a modern day “Greensleeves.” Each chord and word seems crafted with intricate thought and detail. The production deserves equal praise, as it serves the song beautifully. Listen 10, 20, or 600 times and it will never get old. “Marrow” is a masterpiece.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Jealous Of The Birds EP Wisdom Teeth — out soon!