* Indigo Bunting * SFANTO * Michelle Blades *

Indigo Bunting “Reading Wrong”

Indigo Bunting takes you over a wall of sound with their new ditty, “Reading Wrong.” Fans of sunny pop rock with a retro kiss will dig this. Filled with reverb, fuzz, and catchy vocal melodies, “Reading Wrong” is a fun tune. It has elements of surf, doo-wop, and modern indie rock. Fans of Mikal Cronin and Christopher Owens will find themselves adding Indigo Bunting to their playlists. This trio from Austin, Texas is making music worth checking out right now.


SFANTO “Then I Saved The World”

SFANTO will pump you up with the super-energized composition, “Then I Saved The World.” It is like playing a video game while devouring a pile of pixy stix and jelly beans. The horns add an epic game-show vibe, and the guitars keep the song in high gear. It is a catchy, cinematic masterpiece. The end lyrics are a special treat, and in Japanese: "Akunitaishite zenwashourishituzukerunoda," which means "good always win over evil.” Awesome.


Michelle Blades “Politic”

Michelle Blades gets your legs shimmying to the beat of “Politic!” The song is surfy art-pop with a rock and roll bite. It is groovy and upbeat, with enough energy to get you moving. Blades is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, who grew up in a family of Salsa musicians. This exposure to different musical styles can be heard in “Politic!,” as it stands apart from contemporary indie artists. Off Visitor, out March 29th on Midnight Special Records.