* Ginger Cowgirl * The Unfaithful Servants * Stone Irr *

Ginger Cowgirl “I’m Gone”

Ginger Cowgirl will remind you that new artists can be cool. “I’m Gone” is a breezy tune you can drink a beer to. The vocals are clever and charming, with thoughtful lyrics that keep you listening. Arrangement-wise, the vocal sits perfectly on top of a steady rhythm section, acoustic and steel guitar. Recording at RCA studios to boot, Ginger Cowgirl is top notch.


The Unfaithful Servants “Deliver Me”

The Unfaithful Servants remind us all that practicing your instrument can lead to great things. “Deliver Me” is modern bluegrass, but it is performed with timeless and seamless confidence. The fiddle and mandolin are locked in, as are the vocal harmonies. A lot of groups try to pull this off, but The Unfaithful Servants do it masterfully. This is worth checking out, big time.


Stone Irr “All We Want Anymore”

Stone Irr delivers a delicate and charming performance with “All We Want Anymore.” The production is wonderful and reminiscent of icons like The Zombies and Bob Welch. Legally named Stone Irr (apparantly a true story), it seems Stone was destined to be a creative artist. His grasp of vocal harmony is rich and we are sure everyone will soon be turned on to Irr.