* Courtship. * Charlotte OC * Lee Bowie * FrankK *

Courtship. “Guy Stuff”

We are digging “Guy Stuff” by Courtship. From the arrangement to the production and performance, this tune is a fun ditty. “Why do guys like knives?” That’s a good question, and it is one that comes with a super catchy melody. There is a seventies vibe going on in “Guy Stuff” that makes it modern yet familiar. This is a group with the goods and worth spinning.


Charlotte OC “Better Off On My Own”

Charlotte OC is a wild talent. Her voice is as sweetly saturated as the Rhodes (or Wurlitzer) that leads “Better Off On My Own.” The production is crunchy and it socks you with pure energy and emotion. We rarely hear a tune this well done. Charlotte OC’s vocals are powerful and hold the talent that makes other singers envious. It is a stunner and we want more.


Lee Bowie “Money”

If you want a song that will get you up and shaking, “Money” by Lee Bowie is where it’s at. A pop duo comprised of Lee and Bowie, this group knows how to craft a solid hook. “Money” is no one trick pony either — check out some more Lee Bowie songs and you will immediately realize there is something cooking between these songwriters. Serious top-shelf pop music.


FrankK “Cream”

There are only so many ways we can say it: FrankK is the best. She is a pop gem and every song she releases has major radio play potential — especially “Cream.” FrankK’s voice is addictive, and it will swim around in your head for days. The video for “Cream” sports a bubble gun and a classic pop allure that perfectly captures the ethereal vibe of FrankK.