* Century Babes * Alex Abbuehl * Phantom Vibrations *

Century Babes “Swim”

Century Babes have us spinning “Swim” over and over again. The hypnotic vocal intro brings us back to the heyday of alternative power pop — sugary with enough grit to make the speakers come to life. The harmonies are as tight as the music, with a groove and production worthy of heavy radio play. Fans of Nada Surf, Fountains of Wayne, and Superdrag will dig this big time. Keep your ears on Century Babes — a solid group making solid rock and roll.


ALex Abbuehl “Only The River”

Alex Abbuehl is a songwriter worthy of great praise. His songs are melodic, moody, and deeper than most contemporary tunes. “Only the River” is Abbuehl’s latest musical offering. Like “Black Coffee,” it has a Leonard Cohen meets Jeff Buckley vibe. The arrangement is well thought and the vocal and piano performance transport the listener to a seat beside the water. Follow Alex Abbuehl — we are pretty sure his music will find its way to the masses.


Phantom Vibrations “…And I Love You (I Do, I Do)”

Phantom Vibrations has us swaying along with “…And I Love You (I Do, I Do).” Spinning this song is like hearing The Wonders on modern pop radio. It is a retro-style tune with a catchy chord structure and arrangement. By the time the accordion come in, you will be adding Phantom Vibrations to your playlist. Former member of Awolnation, David Amezcua is making some fun music that it getting noticed. Grab your main squeeze and sway along.