* Cathedrals * Zion * Fairground Saints *

Cathedrals “Jump In”

Cathedrals just released an absolute hook monster, and we are in love with “Jump In.” Give the tune a second to charm you, and it will slap your ears with an ethereal blast of pop. The production is crystalline with a Pet Shop Boys attention to chorus, melody, and arrangement. The song builds and builds until it’s a swirling mix of synths and irresistible vocals. It seems everyone is getting hip to Cathedrals, and we look forward to hearing much more from them.


Zion “Her, Her & You”

Zion sure has a catchy way of choosing the ladies in his life. His latest single, “Her, Her & You,” is a good time with plenty of swagger and chart-worthy charm. A collaboration with Fanatix, the tune has a throwback R&B vibe with Afrobeat influence and a modern commercial sound. At only nineteen, Zion has made a name for himself in the UK. With the release of his new video for “Her, Her & You, Zion is stepping onto the international stage.


Fairground Saints “California”

The Fairground Saints have us swaying like a dandelion in the breeze to their latest single, “California.” The production is as smooth as it gets, with a timeless country rock vibe, and a flawless performance. Fairground Saints do a fine job blending commercial polish with the soul of classic Americana. Their harmonies have the goods. “California” fills the speakers with a pleasing mixture of melody performed by master-craft musicians. Enjoy Fairground Saints!