* Courtship. * Charlotte OC * Lee Bowie * FrankK *

Courtship. “Guy Stuff”

We are digging “Guy Stuff” by Courtship. From the arrangement to the production and performance, this tune is a fun ditty. “Why do guys like knives?” That’s a good question, and it is one that comes with a super catchy melody. There is a seventies vibe going on in “Guy Stuff” that makes it modern yet familiar. This is a group with the goods and worth spinning.


Charlotte OC “Better Off On My Own”

Charlotte OC is a wild talent. Her voice is as sweetly saturated as the Rhodes (or Wurlitzer) that leads “Better Off On My Own.” The production is crunchy and it socks you with pure energy and emotion. We rarely hear a tune this well done. Charlotte OC’s vocals are powerful and hold the talent that makes other singers envious. It is a stunner and we want more.


Lee Bowie “Money”

If you want a song that will get you up and shaking, “Money” by Lee Bowie is where it’s at. A pop duo comprised of Lee and Bowie, this group knows how to craft a solid hook. “Money” is no one trick pony either — check out some more Lee Bowie songs and you will immediately realize there is something cooking between these songwriters. Serious top-shelf pop music.


FrankK “Cream”

There are only so many ways we can say it: FrankK is the best. She is a pop gem and every song she releases has major radio play potential — especially “Cream.” FrankK’s voice is addictive, and it will swim around in your head for days. The video for “Cream” sports a bubble gun and a classic pop allure that perfectly captures the ethereal vibe of FrankK.


* Lily Williams * Eva B. Ross * Holly Bernt Band *

Lily Williams “Maybe”

Lily Williams just released one of sweetest songs we’ve ever heard. “Maybe” is a sentimental and moving tune, featuring a delicate vocal and piano performance. It is a sad, yet optimistic production. The refrain, “Spring time will come again,” pulls at the heartstrings of any listener. Lily Williams is UK born, currently studying at the prestigious Berklee School of Music. With songs like “Maybe,” Williams is destined for a promising career as a songwriter and artist.


Eva B. Ross “Nick’s House”

Eva B. Ross will get heads shaking along to her second single, “Nick’s House.” Ross’s vocals are cool and breezy, delivered with confidence and an unmistakable swagger. The arrangement is just as slick, with a hypnotic production that swims around the speakers. This is music to smooch to, and it makes you tougher just by listening. If you dig “Nick’s House,” you will appreciate her first single, “Messy.” Eva B. Ross is top-shelf talent all around.


Holly Bernt Band “Good Gone Or Dead”

The Holly Bernt Band has us grooving to the smooth sounds of their latest release,“Good Gone Dead.” With a confident vocal performance, tasty guitar licks, and a thumping rhythm section, “Good Gone and Dead” has a timeless quality. The production is just as impressive — organic and mixed to perfection. Arrangement-wise, this tune has all the qualities of a song that deserves major playlist spins and attention.We are super digging the Holly Bernt Band.


* Cathedrals * Zion * Fairground Saints *

Cathedrals “Jump In”

Cathedrals just released an absolute hook monster, and we are in love with “Jump In.” Give the tune a second to charm you, and it will slap your ears with an ethereal blast of pop. The production is crystalline with a Pet Shop Boys attention to chorus, melody, and arrangement. The song builds and builds until it’s a swirling mix of synths and irresistible vocals. It seems everyone is getting hip to Cathedrals, and we look forward to hearing much more from them.


Zion “Her, Her & You”

Zion sure has a catchy way of choosing the ladies in his life. His latest single, “Her, Her & You,” is a good time with plenty of swagger and chart-worthy charm. A collaboration with Fanatix, the tune has a throwback R&B vibe with Afrobeat influence and a modern commercial sound. At only nineteen, Zion has made a name for himself in the UK. With the release of his new video for “Her, Her & You, Zion is stepping onto the international stage.


Fairground Saints “California”

The Fairground Saints have us swaying like a dandelion in the breeze to their latest single, “California.” The production is as smooth as it gets, with a timeless country rock vibe, and a flawless performance. Fairground Saints do a fine job blending commercial polish with the soul of classic Americana. Their harmonies have the goods. “California” fills the speakers with a pleasing mixture of melody performed by master-craft musicians. Enjoy Fairground Saints!


* Oh He Dead * Kimberly Townsend * Leah Nobel *

Oh He Dead “This Time Around”

Oh He Dead is fronted by the soulful duo of Cynthia ‘C. J.’ Johnson and Andy Valenti. “This Time Around” is their latest release and it is sure to get your feet shuffling. The production has a crispy Daptone vibe, featuring smooth vocals with just enough rasp, and swagger that is hard to beat. Arrangement-wise it is confident and keeps the listener nodding along, right up until the 2:48 mark drops to tremolo Rhodes/Wurlitzer, before bringing the listener back to a groovy bookend closing.


Kimberly Townsend “How I Got There”

Kimberly Townsend gives us a wake-up call in her new tune, “How I Got There.” With an honest voice and a curse, this song is delivered from a sincere and straightforward songwriter. A NYC-based artist, Townsend wrote “How I Got There” after a “period of stagnation.” It is her battle-cry to live in the moment, and the steady delivery of the hook keeps the message front and center. A clean version is to follow, which is great because this song has monster licensing potential.


Leah Nobel “Earth and Sky”

Leah Nobel is one of the most talented songwriters penning tunes today. Her voice and ability to relay stories is top-shelf artistry. For those new to Nobel’s material, I suggest spinning a few songs in her catalog. Each one seems to be better than the last — and they are all worthy. “Earth and Sky” is her latest release from Running In Borrowed Shoes — an interview-inspired album due out in February 2019. In anticipation, enjoy this “pop-tinged tribute to the wonder of nature.”