* Sam Sherwood * Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys * Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves *

Sam Sherwood “And a Song”

Sam Sherwood delivers a beautiful folk performance with his tune “And a Song.” Fans of John Denver will immediately welcome the natural setting depicted in Sherwood’s lyrics. “Fiddles and guitars fill the air” and a picture of Northern New York comes to mind. It is a timeless arrangement and the production is just as thoughtful. “And a Song” will bring sunshine to your day, no matter where you live. Hope you enjoy Sam Sherwood as much as we do.


Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys

Drew Beckman keeps it classic and classy with his latest release, “Colorado.” The arrangement is an earthy acoustic strum-along with harmonies weaving throughout. It is a calming, catchy song that has us humming after listening. If you enjoy Gram Parsons, then you will dig Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys. Their timeless approach to the craft of songwriting is much appreciated, and we hope to hear more harmonies from these fellas.


Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves

Gillian Underwood and the Lonesome Doves will capture your ears with “Larger Than Life.” The song is a sweet finger-picked guitar and soft, soothing vocal, joined by a clever production and arrangement. Underwood has a voice that deserves attention. It reveals sincerity that is hard to match and “Larger Than Life” sounds like it could have been written forty years ago or forty years from now. This is an artist and group worthy of a good listen.

* S.S. Odyssey * Amberlee * The Brookses *

S.S. Odyssey “Dear Theo”

Woah…S.S. Odyssey is a wondrous musical find. “Dear Theo” is a pillowy and soft spoken gem. The vocal delivery, inflection of the lyrics, and harmonies sit neatly wrapped by a well-thought production. Each musician respects the space of the others, which allows the song to breathe. Even the guitar plucks hint at a cosmic compliment to the overall theme. This is a production and performance worthy of standing up and taking notice. Beautifully done.


Amberlee “What A Pity”

Amberlee is a modern day Patsy Cline. Her latest release, “What a Pity,” is a touching and timeless tune. We review a lot of music, but Amberlee embodies the country and Americana vibe in a way few can. Her vocals are perfectly captured, and the production is vintage-tinged and sweet. The lap steel weeps, and phrases like “lickety-split” weave through an old fashion strum along. If you enjoy top-notch talent, then Amberlee is a great addition to your playlist.


The Brookses “If Tears Were Whiskey”

Grab your drink, get off that bar stool, and dance along to The Brookses and “If Tears Were Whiskey.” This father-daughter duo has us clapping and stomping along to their super-catchy blend of country, folk, and Americana. Their debut LP Lucky Charm is worthy of a good rocking chair listen. With the bond of family working for them, father Jim and daughter Meg have put their stamp on a classic sound. This is great music that needs to be heard. Enjoy.


* Native Harrow * Ben Fried * Calista Garcia *

Native Harrow “Something You Have”

Native Harrow continues to impress with the latest sway-along tune, “Something You Have.” Devin Tuel’s vocals are breezy and cool, supported by a thumping groove production. It is a song that seems to come from another time. Recorded at Reliable Recorders in Chicago, “Something You Have” will be released on Happier Now, via Different Time Records (out on April 12). Give Native Harrow an honest spin to please your ears and speakers.


Ben Fried “Owe No Love”

Ben Fried is a songwriter with a solid ear for crafting timeless melodies. “Owe No Love” combines the guitar style of Paul Simon with the harmonies of Crosby, Still, Nash and Young. With seventies songwriter charm, the tune is catchy and a good time. Fried’s vocals fill the speakers with smooth harmonies, while the acoustic shines. The arrangement is classic and well-thought. The tick-tack rhythm and chugging guitars will turn you into a Ben Fried fan.


Calista Garcia “Stuck In Your Head”

Calista Garcia has us hooked with her latest release, “Stuck In Your Head.” The tune is an acoustic pop ditty that gets you bopping along. The hook lyric is fitting, as it sticks with the listener big time. The chords are clever, taking unexpected turns and winding up in a catchy sweet spot. Calista Garcia is making a name for herself among some fine company. With accolades and acclaim to her credt, it seems Garcia is set to take on the charts.


* Jordy * In The City * Shira *

Jordy “Stay Together”

We can not stop listening to JORDY’s new tune, “Stay Together.” It is an intimate song with a vocal performance worthy of pop chart domination. The production is top shelf, complimenting the clever and well-thought arrangement. Any songwriter or producer will appreciate this ditty. JORDY delivers a big performance that carries the listener all the way through. His voice commands attention, and we look forward to hearing “Stay Together” on Top 40 radio.


In The City “1985”

In The City always deliver honest and praiseworthy performances. “1985” is their latest heartfelt tune, filled with strong vocals and grand harmonies. The song comes after another noteworthy single, “Best Time,” building the catalog of a pop-folk group on their way to the big stage. Ashley Jane and Timon Wientzek have a special musical chemistry — each of their releases seem to remind the listener of an appreciation for the future. A warm message.


Shira “Am I Beautful”

Shira will stir your soul with her message-filled tune, “Am I Beautiful.” It is sweet and enchanting, with a smooth production and strummy arrangement. The video for “Am I Beautiful” brings the lyric to life in a way that is both emotional and celebratory. Penned from real life experiences, “Am I Beautiful” is a gift from Shira to the world. With a growing viewership on Youtube, the song must surely touch the lives of many. Thank you, Shira.