Benefits "Waste My Time"


"Waste My Time" by Benefits has a timeless rock and roll vibe that is classic and current. Let this song get in your head. You will enjoy every second of it.

The music project of Mason Lewtas, Benefits is now a fully formed band ready to roll. With a debut EP Turbulence, the group is primed for pop rock success. Part of the reason we like it so much is because there are no frills. Each instrument has its place in the arrangement, never calling out, "Look how clever I am!" The end product is more of a beautiful whole than a gimmicky collection of riffs like most modern guitar-driven music.

The lyrics are neat ("I'm in the depths of your garden, attempting to dig myself out of a hole"), and the arrangement is filled with strummy electric and acoustic guitar, weeping slide, thumpy bass, and pounding drums. It's cool. Kind of like Traveling Wilburys meets Ryan Adams. Let's hope more songs are on the way. Dig them.