* Baby FuzZ * Lyrah * Division 7 *

Baby FuzZ “Mr. Blu”

Baby FuzZ is a songwriting and producing dynamo. His songs are other-worldly gems — each and every one of them. He has the mark of an artist that leads the pack in originality, talent, and fearless determination to be different. “Mr Blu” is a mid-century trip, with modern stunners thrown into the arrangement. It is a sonic wonderland, and Baby FuzZ deserves to be playing Super Bowls, shaking ear drums around the world to the sound of “Mr Blu.” If anyone can bring The Fleetwoods into the twenty first century, it is surely Baby FuzZ.


Lyrah “When We’re High”

Lyrah makes us want to sway in the candlelight to her new single, “When We’re High.” The song has a hypnotic element that is hard not to surrender to. The production is wide, and the vocals fill the speakers with the message of “falling for someone but being too guarded to show it.” The beat is solid, and the panning is wicked clever. The arrangement has a lot going on, pulsing and driving the listener through a dynamic performance that we dig…big time.


Division 7 “Jag säger vad jag vill”

Strap in and enjoy the ride with Division 7 and “Jag säger vad jag vill.” The song is supercharged pop, punk, rock and roll. The fuzzed-out guitars wail — always staying slightly off the rails — and the vocal harmonies glide over bass and drums that pound all the way though. This is a group I would love to see live. There’s also something nice about not knowing what they are saying, too…it lets the music do the talking, and it is awesome.