* Alex Abbuehl * Jake Knox * ØZWALD * Kelsy Karter *

Alex Abbuehl “Black Coffee”

Alex Abbuehl has us mesmerized with his latest tune, “Black Coffee.” It is enchanting, and stands apart from anything we have heard in recent memory. Abbuehl is a masterful musician and storyteller, with a vocal ability that deserves major attention. The production has a Leonard Cohen feel, with hints of Jeff Buckley. Put it all together, and “Black Coffee” is a wonderfully refreshing song. This piano-playing crooner is on his way up.


Jake Knox “Kalli Nights”

Jake Knox has us heavily bopping along to his new pop ditty, “Kalli Nights.” The tune is a bright, fun listen, and the production is huge. The kick drum socks it to you, as the vocal (featuring Sarah Tudzin) keeps the melody sugary and memorable. Knox is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has been shaking up the California music scene. His sense of sonic possibilities is explored in “Kalli Nights.” From artist to arrangement, this song has the goods.


ØZWALD “Dream Child”

Tell your friends…ØZWALD has arrived. Ever wonder what sixties-infused modern pop sounds like? It has taken sonic shape in the form of “Dream Child” — an irresistibly addictive tune by ØZWALD. The duo is made up of former Blondfire/Lost Beach member Steve Stout and Lifehouse’s Jason Wade. The result is a songwriting team that pulls no punches. “Dream Child” has a hook that will knock you to the floor. Enjoy your new favorite pop rock group.


Kelsy Karter “Harry”

Kelsy Karter is a dyanmo on the rise. Her latest single, “Harry,” is a catchy tip of the hat to classic rock and roll. With influences ranging from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Karter has been likened to Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. Kelsy Karter has her own thing going on though, with a modern day vibe that is sure to grab you by the ears. Born in New Zealand, based in LA, she is making her mark and rising fast. Enjoy grooving to “Harry.”