Frith "Loud Mouth"

frith music review

Frith will blow your mind and ears with his magical new release, “Loud Mouth.” Travis Frith Warner is a multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. His arrangements are lush and incorporate a unique variety of instruments (including the Transylvanian guillotine harp), putting him on a musical pedestal all his own. “Loud Mouth” has an Electric Light Orchestra vibe, with sitar and strings weaving in and out at all the right times. The vocals fill the speakers with sparkling harmonies that rattle inside your head for days. Frith is an amazing talent and no one-trick-pony. Check out his illuminating catalog and enjoy the sounds of Frith.

Aaron Taos "Control"

aaron taos music review

Aaron Taos has us thinking about society and bobbing along to his latest tune, “Control.” We dig the double-tracked, saturated, and smooth vocals with their laid back groove. The melody almost has a Joey Ramone thing going on…dig it. Inspired by the monotony of suburban life, “Control” is filled with catchy licks and arrangement tricks. Synths, guitars, and crispy drums make for good listening, and the video keeps you locked (big shout to the Coney Island parachute jump and Cyclone). “Control” is the first single off Taos’ latest project, Birthday Boy — so look forward to more releases in the near future. Will we see a return of our blue friend in a follow-up video? Stay tuned to Aaron Taos.

Joe Nolan "San Francisco Girl"

joe nolan music review

There is so much groovy stuff going on in Joe Nolan’s “San Francisco Girl” — from a whistle worthy harmonica intro, to shimmery guitar licks, and poetic vocals. Hailing from Detroit and based in Nashville, Joe Nolan is a songwriter with a timeless approach to the craft. Alongside Pat Flynn (New Grass Revival) he recorded and produced the critically-acclaimed debut CD Plain Jane. “San Francisco Girl” is a standout tune with all the production sense and arrangement charm of sixties folk. It tips a hat to pioneering songwriters like Dylan, Donovan, and Arlo Guthrie. We dig it and encourage you to spin “San Francisco Girl” by Joe Nolan.

O Mer "Everything Is Everyone's Fault"

o mer music review

O Mer might as well hold a pocket watch in front of my eyes, because “Everything Is Everyone’s Fault” is mesmerizing. From the Zeppelin “Stairway To Heaven” to the thump and tick of the productions, this song has us hooked. By the time the Mellotron hits, you will be under the spell on O Mer. From Tel Aviv and now in Brooklyn, he is an artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist earning praise for his unique approach to music. “Everything Is Everyone’s Fault” is wondrous.

Check out his Refugee EP and embrace the reflective sounds of O Mer.