* Kathryn Legendre * Baby FuzZ * Johnny & The Man Kids *

Kathryn Legendre “Making It Up”

Kathryn Legendre is the real deal. “Making It Up” is a tune with a classic songwriter touch. The arrangement is clever and moody, with a slide guitar and fiddle weaving in and out. The production is thumpy and all the musicians are on point. When all these elements combine, a great song is made. Kathryn Legendre can craft great tunes, so keep an ear on her music!


Baby FuzZ “Mr. Blu”

Baby FuzZ is mega talent. We have repeatedly gushed about his artistic ability and now he stuns us with a music video for “Mr. Blu.” Never will you ever hear a more dynamic rock and roll performer these days. From a hush to a howl, Baby FuzZ socks it to you. “Mr. Blu” sports a retro arrangement with a modern growl — timeless yet contemporary. Enjoy Baby FuzZ.


Johnny & The Man Kids “That’s Different”

Johnny & The Man Kids come out swinging with “That’s Different.” This song smacks the listener from the start, and keeps chugging all the way through. With a wall of distortion and saturated melody, Johnny & The Man Kids deliver a powerful rock and roll performance. Hailing from Buffalo, New York, this group makes music worth cranking on the car stereo.


* The Statistics * Aaron Taos * W. C. Beck * Sherwood Forest *

The Statistics “Sparks In The Night”

The Statistics pull no punches with their latest tune, “Sparks In The Night.” This is revved up indie rock for folks who are into catchy alternative pop. It covers all the bases: fun, powerful, and full of sing-along melody. Fans of Superdrag, The Get Up Kids, and Ryan Adams will find themselves cranking “Sparks In The Night.” The Statistics are making solid music. Listen up!


Aaron Taos “Bloom”

Aaron Taos is the man. His music is catchy and consistent. Everything he releases is worth checking out. “Bloom” is the latest laid back thump-along tune from Taos. There is a sweet swagger going on in this song and the production is syrupy and saturated…awesome. Aaron Taos is on his way up and this track is the perfect way to dive into the hazy hot summer.


W.C. Beck “(Holding On) To A Coast”

W.C. Beck has a timeless touch and his tune “(Holding On) To A Coast” will get you swaying. There is a classic Americana vibe weaving in and out of Beck’s music. It is a smooth and easy listen with hints of The Band and Jackson Browne sprinkled throughout. When his voice dips with phrases like “On My Mind,” fans of classic rock, soul, and folk will dig W.C. Beck.


Sherwood Forest “Glow”

Sherwood Forest is a rad indie rock and roll band from central Illinois. Their tune “Glow” has us bobbing along and we dig it. The guitars, bass and drums drive forward with a catchy laid-back vocal. Fans of David Bazan will happily add “Glow” to their playlists. Sherwood Forest makes the kind of music we miss. Keep an ear out for their EP “Still, My Soul” this summer!


* Jeramiah Red * Freedom Fry * Jett Rebel * Friends of Friends *

Jeramiah Red “ Sally”

Jeramiah Red strapped roots music to a rock and roll rocket with “Sally.” You don’t hear harmonica wail like that these days. The entire performance is super-charged and a super good time. Little Richard meets Little Walter with a dose of modern folk troubadour. It is awesome to hear instruments actually being played. This is music you can shake a leg to. Get up.


Freedom Fry “The Sun Is Gonna Shine On You”

Freedom Fry offer up a fizzy and fun number with “The Sun is Gonna Shine On You". “Like a drunk on the sidewalk all afternoon.” Damn, that’s a slick line. It’s clever details like this that bring the sound of Freedom Fry through the speakers. The duo has proven to know their way around smart production and arrangements that lift modern rock to new levels. Freedom Fry. Awesome.


Jett Rebel “Waiting For The Weekend”

Jett Rebel just sucker punched our ears with “Waiting For The Weekend.” This is rock and roll with bite. Using a seventies swagger, Jett Rebel is at the top of his game. The lyrics, vocal inflection, and everything about “Waiting For The Weekend” is on the attack. If the performance wasn’t cool enough, the production bops you over the head til the very end. Rad.


Friends of Friends “Glass Jaw”

What starts off as a catchy indie tune erupts into a rock and roll epic. “Glass Jaw” is a great example of what a group can sound like when everyone dominates their instrument. It is like Yes, Queen, and The Thrills all mixed up into a wildly entertaining musical masterpiece. This song pulled at my heartstrings and had me feeling like I was reliving hearing Jimmy Eat World Clarity for the first time. Try not to get goosebumps. This is next level. Incredible.


* Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) * Cyberattack * Honey Moon *

Jonas Lundvall (ft Ken Stringfellow) “If it's not too soon...(after)”

Jonas Lundvall will flip you out with his beauty, “If it's not too soon...(after)". Featuring Ken Stringfellow, the song is a wild adventure in sound and sonic color. Fans of The Zombies will appreciate the Baroque approach to pop music. The arrangement is wide and wondrous. As I sit and listen while typing about this song, I can’t help but feel threatened as a songwriter. This is next level stuff and I’m looking forward to hearing more from Jonas Lundvall.

Cyberattack “I Know The Feeling”

Holy Jeff Lynne, Cyberattack struck us with a glittery pop arrow. “I Know The Feeling” is a production stunner, with an arrangement that whips the ears like a modern take on Electric Light Orchestra. Even the rising scale into guitar screech closer has us wanting more. Each bass line, keyboard run, and vocal melody has us thinking singer/songwriter/guitarist Ivan Anderson is a genius and Geoff Stanfield is a producer of the highest praise. This is the best.


Honey Moon “If I Could Only Dream”

Honey Moon will get you shimmying to their groovy tune, “If I Could Only Dream.” With a Wonders-worthy title, the song is a pop ditty that has us snapping, clapping, and enjoying every second of listening. The reverb, delay, and chorus guitar is done well and each member of the group has a tasteful approach to their part in the arrangement. Honey Moon is a cool band name, too. Everything about “If I Could Only Dream” has us wanting to hear more.