* Remington Super 60 * Jason Saltiel * Sofa City Sweetheart * Fascinations Grand Chorus *

Remington Super 60 “A Winter Song”

Remington Super 60 sounds like a soft sweater worn with a pair of velour pants. Part lounge music, part muzak, these Norwegian indie-lounge poppers are kitsch, catchy, and cool. At almost twenty years of existence, they are still great listening with multiple releases and achievements to their lengthy credit. “A Winter Song” is a fun tune to shake a snow globe to, and their latest in a series of seasonal offerings. Cozy up with a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy Remington Super 60.


Jason Saltiel “Devil Woman”

Jason Saltiel has worn many musical hats, and “Devil Woman” is a wide-brimmed beauty of a tune. With an indie country twang, the distorted open chords strum through until the 2:20 mark. It is here we are met with a surprising treat. Sporting a Christopher Owens and Ben Kweller charm, Saltiel breaks us down before a last round of rocking, riffing, and rolling. The guitars are joined with Hammond, harmonies, and a lyrical breakdown. “Devil Woman” is a story from start to finish.


Sofa City Sweetheart “Stop The Thinking”

Sofa City Sweetheart is Un-be-lievable. I’d like to say thank you to Juan Antonio Lopez for stoking the indie power pop flame. Just when you get all bummed out because Fountains Of Wayne and Superdrag are done, someone like Juan comes along and offers up a one-two sock it to ya dose of catchy rock and roll. “Stop The Thinking” is a gem. Electric chugging, acoustic strumming, doubled vocals, and BAM…the trumpets. Glorious stuff. I will listen many, many times. Then again.

Fascinations Grand Chorus “Until I Found You”

1, 2, 3, Red Light. They had us at 1910 Fruitgum Company.

Bubblegum to the bone, Fascinations Grand Chorus pay tribute to sugary rock and roll with “Until I Found You.” Pulling production influence from Joe Meek and Phil Spector, the duo is speaking a language we hear loud and clear. “Until I Found You’ is a solitary pop ditty, released ahead of an album due out in 1910…correction, 2019. If the album is anything like this number, you better run, don’t walk, to your nearest record store and snag a copy from Fascinations Grand Chorus.


* Robb Westlund * Newborns * Pin Ups * Eva B. Ross *

Robb Westlund “Trees”

Robb Westlund will get you moving and shaking with “Trees.” Rock and roll guitars chime and chug along in a groovy mix of glam-pop and indie. Kind of like a Ben Kweller thing with a touch of classic rock licks. “Trees” is broken into several sections, each riffing and rolling along. There is a cool call and answer thing going on too, with a street-smart David Johansen confidence in the vocal delivery. We dig it and think this fella deserves a spot on your favorite playlist.

Newborns “Schoolyard”

Damn, The Newborns are cool. Any New Yorker will recognize a Ramones vibe — not just in the guitars, but in the lyrics and inflection — and a dose of New York Dolls. Rad. Listen to the way Schoolyard” bops and how the bass grooves with thumping drums. Classic NY punk rock. The guitars are panned wide and the vocals have just the right amount of space around them. Sending up a congratulatory bottlerocket for whoever recorded this. Nice work. Keep on rocking.

Pin Ups “You Make Me Feel So Sick”

The Pin Ups know how to shake a leg. We dare you not to shimmy along to “You Make Me Feel So Sick.” These boys know how to get things cooking. Their sound is fresh, fun, and filled with non-stop energy. The Pin Ups employ top notch audio and video production, which hints at big things ahead. It sounds like they are primed for the big stage in the days to come. They deserve all the good things coming to them because they know how to grab the listener’s attention and keep it.

Eva B. Ross “Messy”

Eva B. Ross has us snapping and clapping along to her latest single, “Messy.” This Los Angeles native is a songwriting dynamo. Her talent is clear as crystal on “Messy.” The tune is brilliantly performed and produced with a professional polish that is timeless and impressive. Each instrument, harmony, and flourish is perfectly placed. Eva’s voice is one of the most pleasing we have ever heard. It is classic and current, with a familiar warmth and delivery that is hard to beat. Enjoy “Messy.”

* Emergency Tiara * JDP * JAC * Baby FuzZ *

Emergency Tiara is back with “Karaoke Party!” Lead singer Juri is a kitsch pop queen and her songs are always a good time. “Karaoke Party” sports a B-52s party rock vibe with Japanese flare. The wigs, colors, and fashion sense are what we love about Emergency Tiara. For another excellent offering, check out our review of “Here I Come.” One quick spin and you will no doubt find yourself a fan of the ever impressive movement of Emergency Tiara.

JDP “Get U Some”


JDP had us bobbing and weaving to his latest single, “Get U Some” — a massive production and performance. Johnathan “JDP” Pratt hails from the South Side of Chicago and pulls from a variety of genres and artists. His talent is recognizable the moment you hear “Get U Some.” It grabs your ears and tugs on them until the song ends…then you hit replay. This songwriter, rapper, singer, and poet is on his way up and deserves all the high acclaim coming his way.

JAC “Holy Water”


JAC socks it to us with his hook heavy single, “Holy Water.” A stunning voice and top-shelf production make this one of the catchiest tunes to grace modern playlists. Smart songwriting and a tasteful collection of sounds and effects swirl around “Holy Water,” propelling JAC into pop music master territory. We are truly impressed and hope to hear more offerings from JAC in the near future. Be sure to check out his tune “3-6-5” for another solid listen.

Baby FuzZ “I’m Still Holding Out For You”


Baby FuzZ is not your typical, “Yea, he writes songs” kind of artist. Nope. He is way more than that — inspirational, unique, and exceptional. From a songwriter’s perspective, his works are powerful and like none other out there. Production-wise, Baby FuzZ is a monster. “I’m Still Holding Out For You” is a fine example of taking an intimate performance and using the craft of arrangement to keep the listener engaged. Guitar trills and synths share sonic space as Baby FuzZ pulls us in with “I’m Still Holding Out For You.” Amazing.

Frith "Loud Mouth"

 frith music review

Frith will blow your mind and ears with his magical new release, “Loud Mouth.” Travis Frith Warner is a multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. His arrangements are lush and incorporate a unique variety of instruments (including the Transylvanian guillotine harp), putting him on a musical pedestal all his own. “Loud Mouth” has an Electric Light Orchestra vibe, with sitar and strings weaving in and out at all the right times. The vocals fill the speakers with sparkling harmonies that rattle inside your head for days. Frith is an amazing talent and no one-trick-pony. Check out his illuminating catalog and enjoy the sounds of Frith.

Aaron Taos "Control"

 aaron taos music review

Aaron Taos has us thinking about society and bobbing along to his latest tune, “Control.” We dig the double-tracked, saturated, and smooth vocals with their laid back groove. The melody almost has a Joey Ramone thing going on…dig it. Inspired by the monotony of suburban life, “Control” is filled with catchy licks and arrangement tricks. Synths, guitars, and crispy drums make for good listening, and the video keeps you locked (big shout to the Coney Island parachute jump and Cyclone). “Control” is the first single off Taos’ latest project, Birthday Boy — so look forward to more releases in the near future. Will we see a return of our blue friend in a follow-up video? Stay tuned to Aaron Taos.

FrankK "Millies On My Mind"

 frankk music review

It is no secret we really dig FrankK, and here is why:

From a small village in Sweden, FrankK is worthy of the international stage. Plain and simple. Her voice is magical — like a princess out of a glittery pop storybook. Every time she releases a song it sticks with you, and “Millies On My Mind” is no exception.” Inspired by gold diggers and sugar daddies, the song has top notch pop production with a playful hook. We dig it and have been pressing the replay button ever since first hearing. Still loving “Hand on Heart,” too.

Throw a few dollar bills around the room and pump “MIllies On My Mind” by FrankK.

Menage "They Never Call"

 menage music review

Menage offer up a catchy pop rock tune with their latest single, “They Never Call.”

There’s something about the magic siblings bring to musical projects. Menage is no exception, as this brother and sister duo write sweeping pop and rock melodies. “They Never Call” features an anthem-like chorus that propels the song into the chart-worthy stratosphere. We love a good hook and Menage knows how to write a great one. Stick around to the three minute mark for a wildly catchy closing. We dig the sugary sheen production, and believe this group has a shot at competing on the world stage. Their sound is radio ready and fun listening.

Enjoy the modern sounds and epic chord progressions of Menage and “They Never Call.”

CKAY "Feel Good"

 ckay music review

CKAY has commanded our attention with her hip new release, “Feel Good.”

Three-time winner of “Live At The Apollo,” CKAY is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. This New York based singer/songwriter has the goods to grab listeners with a unique blend of alternative pop. “Feel Good” is a neat song to kick a can to. The production is filled with glorious saturation, crispy drums, fizzy bass lines, and perfectly performed vocals. CKAY even employs a Weezer vibe around the 2:20 mark. The whole track sounds raw, yet sonically clear. Impressive.

We are keeping an ear on CKAY and suggest you do the same if you want to “Feel Good.”

Conan Gray "Crush Culture"

 conan gray crush culture

As if pitching a no-hitter, every release Conan Gray puts out seems to be perfectly delivered.

Conan Gray is one of those songwriters who just gets it. He knows how to put everyday emotions into songs. “Crush Culture” is his song for the “loveless” — hence the video featuring broken up relationships. It is another pop gem in a series of well-reviewed releases, including “Generation Why.” Gray is currently on a sold out tour of the United States, and it seems like his future in music is just starting to bud. Rising from bedroom recordings to top producers and label support, Conan Gray is on his way.

His Sunset Season EP drops November 16 so keep an eye and ear on Conan Gray.

Baby FuzZ "Burial"

 baby fuzz burial

Baby FuzZ will captivate, confuse, and caress your ears with a wonderful pop music cocktail.

“Burial” is an absolute beast of a song. With one of the biggest hooks we have ever had the pleasure of nodding along to, this tune will stick with you. Shouting wrapped in a gritty and wonderful production. We really dig it. If you are like us, you will as yourself who this dude is. After looking up his catalog, you will hear what all the fuss is about. Baby FuzZ is a unique eccentric artist with plenty of songwriting and studio tricks. We are locked in to his music and spellbound. Looking forward to hearing what he cooks up next.

“Burial” definitely has the potential to contribute to future tinnitus. Crank it up.