* Kathleen * The Bergamot * Stop Motion Poetry *

Kathleen “The Longest Year”

Echoing the sentiment of many, Kathleen pulls no punches with her new single, “The Longest Year.” Politically charged, the song is performed and produced to perfection. It tugs at the soul, while bringing into question the future of our existence on this planet. Kathleen’s vocal is gripping and gets the listener’s attention with a beautiful tremolo-laced honesty. It is a swan song of sorts. “Which way does the wind blow, Dylan?” Good question. Great question.


The Bergamot “Periscope”

The Bergamot will fill your speakers with their latest tune, “Periscope.” A dynamic arrangement, blended with sweeping harmonies, “Periscope” is destined to find its way onto indie folk playlists. The song rises and falls with pleasing vocals that only a husband and wife duo can deliver. “Periscope” grabs you with a railroad rat-a-tat, that immediately sets the song in motion. By the 1:37 mark, The Bergamot has you hooked and you’ll enjoy the ride.


Stop Motion Poetry “Missile”

Stop Motion Poetry is back with a new song and a great hook: “Missile.” The tune is bouncy and fun, touching on the ignorance of shortcomings, while keeping the melody catchy and sing-along worthy. When the chorus hits, the listener is pulled onto a pop carousel. It is a song that feels like a carnival ride, and the production compliments Stop Motion Poetry’s top-shelf performance. These four fellas will get your head bopping, and your toes tapping.


* Sambassadeur * Lucinda Belle * Stephanie Rose * Octavio Mai *

Sambassadeur “Foot Of Afrika”

Sambassadeur is back in full effect with “Foot Of Afrika.” After a seven year hiatus, the group has returned strong. “Foot Of Afrika” sounds like a lost Spanky and Our Gang single. It is a soothing, sixties infused pop ditty that you can groove along to. It makes sense that Gustav Ejstes and Reine Fiske from Dungen were invloved in the recording. Sambassadeur’s Survival comes out April 12 on the band's newly launched label European Records. Dig it.


Lucinda Belle “Baby Don’t Cry”

Lucinda Belle is a musical marvel. With harp in hand, she is a pop-noir singer songwriter with credits and collaborations galore. Her talent is a rare find these days, and “Baby Don’t Cry” shows off her ability to be classy and contemporary. The tune has a James Bond vibe, with a cinematic flare and pop production. Check out her latest eclectic offering, the Urban Lullabies EP — a collection of classical meets rock and roll covers. Neat for sure.


Stephanie Rose “Luxury”

Stephanie Rose pulls at the soul with her latest single, “Luxury.” The song has a classic country vibe with a modern commercial touch. It is smooth listening that makes you smile and weep at the same time. The theme relates pure emotion set to song. Stephanie Rose delivers a warm and flawless vocal atop an endearing arrangement. Nominated for two Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, she is taking her timeless talent to the masses. Beautiful voice.


Octavio Mai “Yeux Turquoise”

Octavio Mai has us transfixed with “Yeux Turquoise.” The lyrics may escape English speakers, but the ethereal vocal delivery is moving and mesmerizing. The production is wide, with a classical electronic arrangement that is both modern and thought-provoking. The chorus blooms into a fantastic sonic wonderland — like a French Enya meets The Pet Shop Boys. Everything about Octavio Mai’s “Yeux Turquoise” is awe inspiring. A piece of art.

* Late Cambrian * Dr. Joe * The Dropouts * Videocean *

Late Cambrian “February”

Turn up your speakers, and bounce around the room to Late Cambrian and “February.” Power pop at its finest. Just when you think it can’t get any better…it does. Fans of Weezer, Ozma, and Fountains of Wayne will freak out. Late Cambrian is super fun. The duo stacks their harmonies, guitars, and makes a wall of supercharged rock and roll. With an album, Sweet Cambrian High Vol. 1 & 2 LP, and a live show in the works, Late Cambrian is where it’s at.


Dr. Joe “Tell Your Mother”

Dr. Joe will fuzz you up with his groovin’ singe, “Tell Your Mother.” Unlike anything your ears have experienced, Dr. Joe’s brand of “Fuzz Gospel” is revved up rock and roll with a classic saturated vibe. Led by Joe Sparacino, Dr. Joe went straight to tape with the help of Vance Powell (Jack White, The Raconteurs, Kings of Leon). The result is a wild blend of boogie woogie and Southern soul. If you are looking for fresh and exciting music, Dr. Joe is it.


The Dropouts “Perfect Day”

The Dropouts make you sway along to their gem of a tune, “Perfect Day.” The song has a groove that demands body movement. It is a masterclass in sampling and vocal production. The verses are rock solid, performed to perfection, and the refrain is a trance-like treat. The Godfather of Soul counts things off, and the listener is hooked. Guitar licks the left speaker, with piano and vibes holding down the right side. Classic. The Dropouts are Awesome.


Videocean “Genes”

Videocean keeps it cool and groovy with their latest release, “Genes.” Blending shoegaze and psychedelic soul, Videocean has a classic yet current vibe. Their music makes you move, while touching on social issues — inspired by the likes of American songwriters Bobby Womack and Curtis Mayfield. Using a blend of organic and electronic elements in the arrangment, “Genes” is a funky production with a steady swagger. Smooth, indeed.


* Alex Abbuehl * Jake Knox * ØZWALD * Kelsy Karter *

Alex Abbuehl “Black Coffee”

Alex Abbuehl has us mesmerized with his latest tune, “Black Coffee.” It is enchanting, and stands apart from anything we have heard in recent memory. Abbuehl is a masterful musician and storyteller, with a vocal ability that deserves major attention. The production has a Leonard Cohen feel, with hints of Jeff Buckley. Put it all together, and “Black Coffee” is a wonderfully refreshing song. This piano-playing crooner is on his way up.


Jake Knox “Kalli Nights”

Jake Knox has us heavily bopping along to his new pop ditty, “Kalli Nights.” The tune is a bright, fun listen, and the production is huge. The kick drum socks it to you, as the vocal (featuring Sarah Tudzin) keeps the melody sugary and memorable. Knox is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who has been shaking up the California music scene. His sense of sonic possibilities is explored in “Kalli Nights.” From artist to arrangement, this song has the goods.


ØZWALD “Dream Child”

Tell your friends…ØZWALD has arrived. Ever wonder what sixties-infused modern pop sounds like? It has taken sonic shape in the form of “Dream Child” — an irresistibly addictive tune by ØZWALD. The duo is made up of former Blondfire/Lost Beach member Steve Stout and Lifehouse’s Jason Wade. The result is a songwriting team that pulls no punches. “Dream Child” has a hook that will knock you to the floor. Enjoy your new favorite pop rock group.


Kelsy Karter “Harry”

Kelsy Karter is a dyanmo on the rise. Her latest single, “Harry,” is a catchy tip of the hat to classic rock and roll. With influences ranging from The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, Karter has been likened to Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey. Kelsy Karter has her own thing going on though, with a modern day vibe that is sure to grab you by the ears. Born in New Zealand, based in LA, she is making her mark and rising fast. Enjoy grooving to “Harry.”