hip hop

* Type 4 * Lauren Sanderson * Ish Marquez *

Type 4 “88s & Beatbreaks”

We DARE YOU not to bop along to Type 4. “88s & Beatbreaks” is a throwback hip hop tune featuring solid pop melodies and hooks. With a production most producers can’t touch, this song is masterfully arranged and pulls out all the sampling stops. Any group that throws Looney Tunes and Pee Wee Herman in the mix is cool in our book. These Bostonians make “hip hop for grown ups,” but anyone can get up to the sound of Type 4. They are classic craftsmen and we dig it.

Type 4 “Rusty Rhymes”

Type 4 commands attention from the moment you press “play.” Just in case “88s & Beatbreaks” didn’t get you bumping up and down (check your pulse), “Rusty Rhymes” comes at the listener like a welcoming uppercut. It shows off the “golden age” vibe that Type 4 is all about. Fusing hip hop, pop, and reggae, these fellas have cooked up a timeless party tune that kicks off their forthcoming album, “4 Feet High and Rhyming.” Good time music. “Chromali”… awesome.

Lauren Sanderson “Electric”

Lauren Sanderson’s talent is ferocious. It is no surprise she was chosen as one of Vevo’s DSCVR Artists To Watch 2019. Her live performance of “Electric” shows off a worthy contender in the pop music world. Sanderson has undeniable star power, and a voice that cracks at all the right times. Backed by solid, roomy-sounding drums, she sways and grooves along to a powerful tune that could climb Top 40 and propel Lauren Sanderson to arenas and international stages. We are impressed.


Ish Marquez “Gin Is Not My Friend”

Certain songs seem to come from another time and place. “Gin Is Not My Friend” by Ish Marquez is one such song. It is stylistically unlike anything we have heard before — an almost guttural punk sound with a touch of folk and hip hop. The tune was originally released on Rough Trade’s Anti Folk Volume 1, which seems fitting. A spin of Ish’s catalog shows “Gin Is Not My Friend” fits right along with his other tunes. With little but an acoustic, Ish Marquez crafts lyrical songs worth checking out.


* Emergency Tiara * JDP * JAC * Baby FuzZ *

Emergency Tiara is back with “Karaoke Party!” Lead singer Juri is a kitsch pop queen and her songs are always a good time. “Karaoke Party” sports a B-52s party rock vibe with Japanese flare. The wigs, colors, and fashion sense are what we love about Emergency Tiara. For another excellent offering, check out our review of “Here I Come.” One quick spin and you will no doubt find yourself a fan of the ever impressive movement of Emergency Tiara.

JDP “Get U Some”


JDP had us bobbing and weaving to his latest single, “Get U Some” — a massive production and performance. Johnathan “JDP” Pratt hails from the South Side of Chicago and pulls from a variety of genres and artists. His talent is recognizable the moment you hear “Get U Some.” It grabs your ears and tugs on them until the song ends…then you hit replay. This songwriter, rapper, singer, and poet is on his way up and deserves all the high acclaim coming his way.

JAC “Holy Water”


JAC socks it to us with his hook heavy single, “Holy Water.” A stunning voice and top-shelf production make this one of the catchiest tunes to grace modern playlists. Smart songwriting and a tasteful collection of sounds and effects swirl around “Holy Water,” propelling JAC into pop music master territory. We are truly impressed and hope to hear more offerings from JAC in the near future. Be sure to check out his tune “3-6-5” for another solid listen.

Baby FuzZ “I’m Still Holding Out For You”


Baby FuzZ is not your typical, “Yea, he writes songs” kind of artist. Nope. He is way more than that — inspirational, unique, and exceptional. From a songwriter’s perspective, his works are powerful and like none other out there. Production-wise, Baby FuzZ is a monster. “I’m Still Holding Out For You” is a fine example of taking an intimate performance and using the craft of arrangement to keep the listener engaged. Guitar trills and synths share sonic space as Baby FuzZ pulls us in with “I’m Still Holding Out For You.” Amazing.