* Sean Alan and The True Love Band * The Wivez * I & I *

Sean Alan and The True Love Band “Monday Morning Blues”

Sean Alan and The True Love Band keep it cool and groovy with their new tune, “Monday Morning Blues.” It is a song worth swaying to, with a vintage garage rock swagger and a touch of modern charm. The tune is laid back with a catchy lamentation of getting up and going to work. Produced and mixed by Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple), the record is due out April 2019. It has a shot at paying the bills for Sean Alan and The True Love Band.


The Wivez “Let’s Get Serious”

The Wivez give us malt shoppe indie rock with their new tune, “Serious.” It has a fun doo-wop vibe, and the double tracked vocals beg you to listen: “Let's get drunk on your front lawn, let's get high on the beach - Let's get serious!" With lyrics like that, why wouldn’t you get serious? The play on words is wicked cool. At under two minutes, the tune also has a retro pop mystique. This is the kind of song Jimmy must have wrote when he left The Wonders. Nice.


I&I “Sometimes”

I&I just put out a jangling tune, “Sometimes,” and we dig it. The guitars are bright, with a shimmery strum, and the vocals are Kinks-esque with harmonies that keep you singing along. Recorded with members of Thulsa Doom and Brut Boogaloo, this is the debut release from I&I. The Norwegian pop trio pulls influence from the sixties, seventies, and even nineties. We are enjoying everything about this tune. It sounds timeless and totally worthy of spinning.


* Westover * Brandon Hoogenboom * Lucille Furs * FRI5K *

Westover “Love Me”

Westover dished up a fun ditty with his latest tune, “Love Me.” An alt-pop artist from Tennessee, Westover has a catchy thing going on. His sound is polished, radio-ready, and we are digging it. “Love Me” has a chipper melody, set to a head-bopping groove that opens up to a memorable chorus. At times, it has a Raphael Saadiq vibe — with swagger and soul. For those who love pop music, but are afraid to admit it, Westover is an artist you can sing along to with no shame.


Brandon Hoogenboom “Feelin’”

Brandon Hoogenboom writes the kind of music that makes turntables happy. “Feelin’” has a sugary sixties/seventies melody, with doubled vocals, and a perfectly pleasing production. The tune kicks off with a Pee Wee’s Playhouse slide up, before hitting the listener with a songbird vocal. The arrangement builds and builds, with a bit more energy added each time around. It has all the elements we dig about a three minute pop song, with enough sunshine for repeated spinning.


Lucille Furs “Paint Euphrosyne Blue”

Lucille Furs took all our favorite licks and production tricks, and bundled them into “Paint Euphrosyne Blue.” The tune is a shaggy, tripped-out sonic ride, carrying the torch by bands of old, who had their roots in garages, basements, and smoke filled clubs. These fellas know how to bring a classic sound to the modern stage. “Paint Euphrosyne Blue” is like The Monkees meets The Thrills. It is an amazing tune, but by no means the only gem from Lucille Furs. Keep an ear on these fellas.


FRI5K “Where The Roses Grow”

FRI5K will float around in your brain for days after you hear “Where The Roses Grow.” It is stirring, haunting, sad, and hopeful all at once. The song is FRI5K’s first release, and it is a strong one. From playing with indie rock bands as a teenager, to attending Paul McCartney’s famed Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, this artist has paid his dues and is ready to break out. Blending organic and electronic elements, “Where The Roses Grow” offers a unique listening experience. Enjoy.


* Love In October * Analog Party * Secret Lynx *

Love In October “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight”

Ready, set, blast off with Love in October and “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight.” It’s fast, fizzy, and filled with catchy guitars and shout-along vocals. The bass drives with a manic drum beat, and “I Don’t Want To Die Tonight” locks the listener from start to finish. There are elements of The Strokes, Nirvana, and The Raveonettes — a fun mix. If you want to get up and bop along to something new and exciting, then Love in October will be your new favorite band.


Analog Party “Model Youth”

Turn up your speakers, Analog Party has arrived. “Model Youth” is their latest release, and off their Model Youth EP. It is their debut record after a change of name, from Dead White Day to Analog Party. The group has a knack for bringing a heavy, nineties grunge sound to a modern audience. Fans of early Local H will dig this, as will heavy rock and rollers who miss electrifying music. It’s nice to hear a group playing their instruments, and doing it well. Enjoy the sounds of Analog Party.


Secret Lynx “On The Radar”

Secret Lynx grab you by the ear with their latest release, “On The Radar.” Fusing modern and classic rock melodies, they have produced a sound likened to Tom Petty meets The Shins. It is powerful, yet easy to listen to, and delivers an energetic performance and production. Secret Lynx is made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ronnie Dudek, guitarist/keyboardist Tyler Hardwick, bassist Jonny Doan, and drummer Kai Taylor. Together, they bring you Feline — a worthy album, indeed.


* Marlboro * Matt Siffert * CATL. * Jess Ribeiro *

Marlboro “Being Divine”

Marlboro is a town tucked in the Hudson Valley, and the namesake of a rock outfit worth your attention. For those of us who have lived in this area of New York, Marlboro’s delivery of “Being Divine” feels like a drive on the New York State Thruway. It is an easy going tune that explores the lamentations associated with coming of age. Peaceful, groovy, and filled with thought, “Being Divine” is a neat Grateful Dead meets indie offering from Marlboro’s latest album, Convertible Life.


Matt Siffert “Love, Again”

Matt Siffert delivers a stirring piece of music with “Love Again.” Off his latest album Bright Shadows, “Love Again” is an intimate song with a longing and reflective vibe. The weeping pedal steel and organic acoustic guitars set the backdrop for a soft and sincere vocal. The production is minimal, yet powerful. It is hard not to lose your thoughts while listening to Matt Siffert. His lyrics are transfixing and he knows how to arrange a song in a pleasing way that really gets you thinking.


CATL. “Baby, You All Wrong”

Catl. offers speaker candy with “Baby, You All Wrong.” With all the grit of timeless garage rock and the swagger to match, this duo of Canadian rockers will get you shaking a leg. Fans of Shannon and The Clams and King Khan and BBQ Show will flip over Catl. The saturation we all love and the attitude delivered by a Gretsch geetar and two-piece drum kit. Classic. Raucous. Rock and Roll. There is a hint of punk in there too, so shout along to “Baby, You All Wrong.”

Jess Ribeiro “Love Is The Score Of Nothing”

A Beehive hairdo and pastel galore are only two reasons we dig Jess Ribeiro and “Love Is The Score Of Nothing.” The song has an indie bop swing to it that’s hard not to sway to. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig it, as well as surf beat connoisseurs. Jess Ribeiro is an Australian on the radar of many indie playlists. One of our favorite tunes she sings is “Strange Game” — a total stunner. If you enjoy a songwriter who can tug at the heartstrings while making you sway, Jess Ribeiro is your ticket.