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Marlboro “Being Divine”

Marlboro is a town tucked in the Hudson Valley, and the namesake of a rock outfit worth your attention. For those of us who have lived in this area of New York, Marlboro’s delivery of “Being Divine” feels like a drive on the New York State Thruway. It is an easy going tune that explores the lamentations associated with coming of age. Peaceful, groovy, and filled with thought, “Being Divine” is a neat Grateful Dead meets indie offering from Marlboro’s latest album, Convertible Life.


Matt Siffert “Love, Again”

Matt Siffert delivers a stirring piece of music with “Love Again.” Off his latest album Bright Shadows, “Love Again” is an intimate song with a longing and reflective vibe. The weeping pedal steel and organic acoustic guitars set the backdrop for a soft and sincere vocal. The production is minimal, yet powerful. It is hard not to lose your thoughts while listening to Matt Siffert. His lyrics are transfixing and he knows how to arrange a song in a pleasing way that really gets you thinking.


CATL. “Baby, You All Wrong”

Catl. offers speaker candy with “Baby, You All Wrong.” With all the grit of timeless garage rock and the swagger to match, this duo of Canadian rockers will get you shaking a leg. Fans of Shannon and The Clams and King Khan and BBQ Show will flip over Catl. The saturation we all love and the attitude delivered by a Gretsch geetar and two-piece drum kit. Classic. Raucous. Rock and Roll. There is a hint of punk in there too, so shout along to “Baby, You All Wrong.”

Jess Ribeiro “Love Is The Score Of Nothing”

A Beehive hairdo and pastel galore are only two reasons we dig Jess Ribeiro and “Love Is The Score Of Nothing.” The song has an indie bop swing to it that’s hard not to sway to. Fans of Angel Olsen will dig it, as well as surf beat connoisseurs. Jess Ribeiro is an Australian on the radar of many indie playlists. One of our favorite tunes she sings is “Strange Game” — a total stunner. If you enjoy a songwriter who can tug at the heartstrings while making you sway, Jess Ribeiro is your ticket.

Vanderocker "Driftwood"


Vanderocker’s “Driftwood” is a slow and steady rock and roll haunt. With vocals reminiscent of The Raveonettes, this desert psych-rock tune will have you spacing out (in a good way).

Sweet and sleepy harmonies fill the speakers with a floor-tom keeping the song beating. “Driftwood” maintains a sparse and thought provoking arrangement, with psychedelic reverses and echoes making appearances at all the right times.

A forthcoming album Point Defiance sounds like a promising release. Dig Vanderocker

Originalii "Further In/Out"


Wide-panned guitars and saturated space-echo vocals — Originalii is rad. “Further In/Out” makes good use of crash cymbals and thick, bass heavy production. In short, we enjoy it.

The 3:40 mark leaves an impression on the listener before wrapping up with a fuzzy exclamation point. We haven’t heard hard rock this creative in a long time. It’s the kind of music that sounds great on record, and possibly even better live.

Emma Hoeflinger is a songwriter with an ear for awesome guitar destruction. Writing under the name Originalii with fellow rock and roll crusaders, she is a force on the rise.

Tancred "Something Else" (Featuring Potty Mouth)


Yeah, yeah, yeah! Tancred's "Something Else" (featuring Potty Mouth) is a rock and roll kicker. This song brings us right back to the golden age of alternative indie rock.

Fuzzed out guitars, upbeat drums, and catchy vocals. We love it all. Tancred is the stage name for former Now, Now guitarist Jess Abbott. Her latest album Nightstand was produced by Lewis Pesacov (Best Coast, Generationals) and is totally worth checking out.

The music video for something else features Brittany Ashley, and explores repressed sexuality. The all girl indie-punk group Potty Mouth also makes an appearance as the background band. Good rock and roll fun.

The Matchstick Skeletons "Told Ya So"


The Matchstick Skeletons' "Told Yo So" is a haunting rock and roll tune, with a video that is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Watch, and you will never pick up a skeleton again.

Macabre, nightmare inducing video aside, The Matchstick Skeletons crush it. They write and perform wild music with fuzzy, head banging guitar riffs and solid Bonham-esque drums -- sort of a grittier version of J.D. McPherson and Queens Of The Stone Age.

The Matchstick Skeletons are veteran musicians under a new moniker. After a run with Head Of The Heard, Neu Mannas and Matty Carolei locked themselves in a dark room and emerged with "Told Ya So." It's loud, aggressive, and haunting. Give it a spin and have fun with Wilfred Skullshire around the 2:25 mark.


The Dreamboats "Run Away"


The Dreamboats know how to play their instruments and can tear a barroom dance-floor apart. In other words, they have the talent and the musical chops to get your toes tapping.

"Run Away" is a wailing track that pulls from the days of jukeboxes and pompadours. The Dreamboats' upbeat brand of rock and roll evokes hints of Chuck Berry and The Wonders. Their music and video production is top notch, and good time fun.

If you were on the hunt for a band to impress you, The Dreamboats may be the ticket. They are a refreshing group, who will have you dancing and swinging your gal or guy around the living room.

Death Valley Girls "Disaster (Is What We're After)"


Ever wonder what Iggy Pop looks like eating a hamburger while listening to rock and roll? Wonder no more! The Death Valley Girls just released "Disaster (Is What We're After)" and Iggy is championing the song with a classy video appearance.

This tune drives like a rusty vintage car with a souped up motor. It's reminiscent of songwriting from a grittier time in music -- a la New York Dolls and The Stooges. "Disaster" is fittingly complimented by a raucous arrangement and production that is ready to derail but never does. Instead, it keeps chugging along.

Claps, horns, and honks get Iggy Pop bopping along, and we think you will shimmy to it, too!


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Benefits "Waste My Time"


"Waste My Time" by Benefits has a timeless rock and roll vibe that is classic and current. Let this song get in your head. You will enjoy every second of it.

The music project of Mason Lewtas, Benefits is now a fully formed band ready to roll. With a debut EP Turbulence, the group is primed for pop rock success. Part of the reason we like it so much is because there are no frills. Each instrument has its place in the arrangement, never calling out, "Look how clever I am!" The end product is more of a beautiful whole than a gimmicky collection of riffs like most modern guitar-driven music.

The lyrics are neat ("I'm in the depths of your garden, attempting to dig myself out of a hole"), and the arrangement is filled with strummy electric and acoustic guitar, weeping slide, thumpy bass, and pounding drums. It's cool. Kind of like Traveling Wilburys meets Ryan Adams. Let's hope more songs are on the way. Dig them.


Paper Cameras "Speed Of Wine"

Paper Cameras music review

Paper Cameras represent solid rock and roll songwriting, and their tune "Speed Of Wine" is worthy of repeated listening. It's a song that seems to come straight from the late 90s, yet holds its own in modern day playlists.

Those familiar with recording will immediately appreciate the production value of "Speed Of Wine." It begins with a Zombies - esque "Changes" intro, and leads into a perfect blend of driving guitar, bass, and drums -- each supporting the vocal before being joined by a syrupy keyboard (Moog?).

Their pedigree isn't too shabby either, with the word "Supergroup" in the mix. They are probably deserving of the title, as this Portland/Nashville garage outfit features ex-members of The Dandy Warhols, Seawolfe, The Grifters, and Spectator Pump.

Fans of Nada Surf and Superdrag will freak out over Paper Cameras. Everyone else will dig them, too! For more info about their first LP Painted Light check them out: Paper Cameras