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Sambassadeur “Foot Of Afrika”

Sambassadeur is back in full effect with “Foot Of Afrika.” After a seven year hiatus, the group has returned strong. “Foot Of Afrika” sounds like a lost Spanky and Our Gang single. It is a soothing, sixties infused pop ditty that you can groove along to. It makes sense that Gustav Ejstes and Reine Fiske from Dungen were invloved in the recording. Sambassadeur’s Survival comes out April 12 on the band's newly launched label European Records. Dig it.


Lucinda Belle “Baby Don’t Cry”

Lucinda Belle is a musical marvel. With harp in hand, she is a pop-noir singer songwriter with credits and collaborations galore. Her talent is a rare find these days, and “Baby Don’t Cry” shows off her ability to be classy and contemporary. The tune has a James Bond vibe, with a cinematic flare and pop production. Check out her latest eclectic offering, the Urban Lullabies EP — a collection of classical meets rock and roll covers. Neat for sure.


Stephanie Rose “Luxury”

Stephanie Rose pulls at the soul with her latest single, “Luxury.” The song has a classic country vibe with a modern commercial touch. It is smooth listening that makes you smile and weep at the same time. The theme relates pure emotion set to song. Stephanie Rose delivers a warm and flawless vocal atop an endearing arrangement. Nominated for two Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, she is taking her timeless talent to the masses. Beautiful voice.


Octavio Mai “Yeux Turquoise”

Octavio Mai has us transfixed with “Yeux Turquoise.” The lyrics may escape English speakers, but the ethereal vocal delivery is moving and mesmerizing. The production is wide, with a classical electronic arrangement that is both modern and thought-provoking. The chorus blooms into a fantastic sonic wonderland — like a French Enya meets The Pet Shop Boys. Everything about Octavio Mai’s “Yeux Turquoise” is awe inspiring. A piece of art.

* Mick Mullin * Native Harrow * Izzy Miller *

Mick Mullin “Nashville Man”

If you are tired of country “artists” in Versace skinny jeans, then get up and tip your hat to Mick Mullin. “Nashville Man” is Mullin’s battle-cry for true Tennessee music and pride. The lyrics are the kind a whole bar can chant along to — everyone with a drink in the air and a smile on their face. Perhaps the best part comes when Mullin discusses those who were “lost in the mix.” Clever. Real clever. Set atop thumnping and picking, “Nashville Man” is one of our new favorite tunes.


Native Harrow “Can’t Go On Like This”

Native Harrow takes us on a sonic trip back in time with her latest release, “Can’t Go On Like This.” Set to be released on Happier Now, this tune has a Laurel Canyon meets Upstate New York sway to it. Crispy production meets confident songwriting. The whole thing is quite impressive when you think about the craft that went into committing this song to tape. Devin Tuel (Native Harow) has honey-tone vocals, with the melodic movement of CSNY. Her music is something special.


Izzy Miller “Another Drink Or Two”

Izzy Miller is a songwriter with a timeless touch. “Another Drink or Two” is Miller’s latest single, and it weeps like a classic country tune. Pedal steel guitar licks surround this song, with riffs crying over strummed acoustic guitar and straight talking vocals. Heartbreak, drinking, and sorrow are themes solidified in lines like, “I got a cold spot where a warm heart used to be.” The arrangement supports the sentiment, with a Graham Nash “On The Line” vibe. Piano, guitar, and pedal steel…dig it.


The Simple Parade "Going Through Something"

the simple parade music

The Simple Parade remind us that everyone has their own struggle and each one of us is “Going through Something.”

Songwriters Justin and Kayla Hooper have crafted a tune that touches on pure emotion. There isn’t a soul in the world who doesn’t experience hardship at some time or another. Life can change in an instant, and The Simple Parade have put this truth to music. The lyrics are honest and reflective, with a blend of heartache and hope. We can see why this duo has earned praise from songwriting competitions and magazine features. The video pulls no punches and is as moving as the song’s message.

Join The Simple Parade and remember that everyone is “Going Through Something.”

Lucy Pace "Ain't No Friend Of Mine"

lucy pace aint no friend of mine music review

Lucy Pace serves up good old fashioned country rock with “Ain’t No Friend Of Mine.”

This tune is full of the twang guitars we love. It’s like real life Dewey Cox — and we mean that in the nicest way! The video is an interesting little ditty itself — featuring a story-line and end credits. While we got the heebie jeebies by the ending of the video, the song itself had a chipper upbeat shuffle that kept us tapping our toes. We enjoyed the lighthearted message and had a good time listening.

For a dose of Jukebox country, rockabilly, and Americana, check out singer/songwriter Lucy Pace.