The Matchstick Skeletons "Told Ya So (Live)"

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The Matchstick Skeletons are serious rock and roll champs, with the talent and vibe to fill arenas. “Told Ya So” shows off their ability to raise the volume and pummel speakers. With the grit of Local H and Queens Of The Stone Age, The Matchstick Skeletons get you moving. We reviewed “Told Ya So” a bit back and the fellas do a mighty fine job of playing it live. It’s a level of live performance talent that is hard to find in this age of bedroom music production. Raise the volume to twelve and get down to the sound of The Matchstick Skeletons and “Told Ya So.”

Menage "They Never Call"

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Menage offer up a catchy pop rock tune with their latest single, “They Never Call.”

There’s something about the magic siblings bring to musical projects. Menage is no exception, as this brother and sister duo write sweeping pop and rock melodies. “They Never Call” features an anthem-like chorus that propels the song into the chart-worthy stratosphere. We love a good hook and Menage knows how to write a great one. Stick around to the three minute mark for a wildly catchy closing. We dig the sugary sheen production, and believe this group has a shot at competing on the world stage. Their sound is radio ready and fun listening.

Enjoy the modern sounds and epic chord progressions of Menage and “They Never Call.”

VOLK "Honey Bee"

volk music review

Yes, yes, yes — VOLK is unbelievably awesome and “Honey Bee” shows them in all their glory.

With loud guitar riffage and galloping drums, this duo will sock it to you. It’s like hearing real rock and roll for the first time in years. Modern day Zeppelin meets Ram Jam. The “Honey Bee” video erupts from the screen much like the song jumps from the speakers. Their live show must be the place to be every time they take the stage. Sequins, loud ten-gallon hats and glitter galore add extra flare, but the music this duo creates in worthy of praise all in itself. We hope they keep banging away.

Like fireworks going off in a sock drawer, VOLK demands your immediate attention.

Yonaka "Creature"

yonaka creatures

Yonaka is a Brighton-based foursome on their way to conquering the musical world.

Yonaka’s production and performance is stellar, with the power to go toe-to-toe with every popular rock outfit on the road and airwaves. “Creature” is their latest release and it has us aggressively bobbing along. They are currently signed to Atlantic Records and touring Europe, so things are looking pretty good. It’s cool hearing cymbals being smashed and amplifiers put through their paces.

Enjoy the aggressive awesomeness of Yonaka and watch for their EP, being released November 9th.