* Robb Westlund * Newborns * Pin Ups * Eva B. Ross *

Robb Westlund “Trees”

Robb Westlund will get you moving and shaking with “Trees.” Rock and roll guitars chime and chug along in a groovy mix of glam-pop and indie. Kind of like a Ben Kweller thing with a touch of classic rock licks. “Trees” is broken into several sections, each riffing and rolling along. There is a cool call and answer thing going on too, with a street-smart David Johansen confidence in the vocal delivery. We dig it and think this fella deserves a spot on your favorite playlist.

Newborns “Schoolyard”

Damn, The Newborns are cool. Any New Yorker will recognize a Ramones vibe — not just in the guitars, but in the lyrics and inflection — and a dose of New York Dolls. Rad. Listen to the way Schoolyard” bops and how the bass grooves with thumping drums. Classic NY punk rock. The guitars are panned wide and the vocals have just the right amount of space around them. Sending up a congratulatory bottlerocket for whoever recorded this. Nice work. Keep on rocking.

Pin Ups “You Make Me Feel So Sick”

The Pin Ups know how to shake a leg. We dare you not to shimmy along to “You Make Me Feel So Sick.” These boys know how to get things cooking. Their sound is fresh, fun, and filled with non-stop energy. The Pin Ups employ top notch audio and video production, which hints at big things ahead. It sounds like they are primed for the big stage in the days to come. They deserve all the good things coming to them because they know how to grab the listener’s attention and keep it.

Eva B. Ross “Messy”

Eva B. Ross has us snapping and clapping along to her latest single, “Messy.” This Los Angeles native is a songwriting dynamo. Her talent is clear as crystal on “Messy.” The tune is brilliantly performed and produced with a professional polish that is timeless and impressive. Each instrument, harmony, and flourish is perfectly placed. Eva’s voice is one of the most pleasing we have ever heard. It is classic and current, with a familiar warmth and delivery that is hard to beat. Enjoy “Messy.”

The Matchstick Skeletons "Told Ya So (Live)"

matchstick skeletons members

The Matchstick Skeletons are serious rock and roll champs, with the talent and vibe to fill arenas. “Told Ya So” shows off their ability to raise the volume and pummel speakers. With the grit of Local H and Queens Of The Stone Age, The Matchstick Skeletons get you moving. We reviewed “Told Ya So” a bit back and the fellas do a mighty fine job of playing it live. It’s a level of live performance talent that is hard to find in this age of bedroom music production. Raise the volume to twelve and get down to the sound of The Matchstick Skeletons and “Told Ya So.”

Baby FuzZ "Burial"

baby fuzz burial

Baby FuzZ will captivate, confuse, and caress your ears with a wonderful pop music cocktail.

“Burial” is an absolute beast of a song. With one of the biggest hooks we have ever had the pleasure of nodding along to, this tune will stick with you. Shouting wrapped in a gritty and wonderful production. We really dig it. If you are like us, you will as yourself who this dude is. After looking up his catalog, you will hear what all the fuss is about. Baby FuzZ is a unique eccentric artist with plenty of songwriting and studio tricks. We are locked in to his music and spellbound. Looking forward to hearing what he cooks up next.

“Burial” definitely has the potential to contribute to future tinnitus. Crank it up.

Yonaka "Creature"

yonaka creatures

Yonaka is a Brighton-based foursome on their way to conquering the musical world.

Yonaka’s production and performance is stellar, with the power to go toe-to-toe with every popular rock outfit on the road and airwaves. “Creature” is their latest release and it has us aggressively bobbing along. They are currently signed to Atlantic Records and touring Europe, so things are looking pretty good. It’s cool hearing cymbals being smashed and amplifiers put through their paces.

Enjoy the aggressive awesomeness of Yonaka and watch for their EP, being released November 9th.

Jealous Of The Birds "Marrow"

jealous of the birds marrow music review

Jealous Of The Birds just stunned us with a new song, “Marrow.”

Naomi Hamilton (Jealous Of The Birds) is a lyrical master. Her words paint emotions unlike anything we have heard in recent memory. It is poetic and sways like a leaf bobbing in the air. “Marrow” is a noble tune that seems fit for the courts of ancient kings and queens — a modern day “Greensleeves.” Each chord and word seems crafted with intricate thought and detail. The production deserves equal praise, as it serves the song beautifully. Listen 10, 20, or 600 times and it will never get old. “Marrow” is a masterpiece.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Jealous Of The Birds EP Wisdom Teeth — out soon!

Gareth Inkster "Last Year"

gareth inkster last year music review

Gareth Inkster is a power pop champ and “Last Year” has us hooked.

The song starts with classic innocence, then socks it to the listener as the story unfolds. Glimmers of Brian Wilson and Ben Folds are sprinkled throughout, with gritty guitars in the ballpark of Fountains of Wayne and Superdrag. The song is expertly produced and the arrangement carries the listener all the way through. Each spin reveals a new layer — notice the percussive acoustic strumming throughout. This is a ditty that certainly took some time to craft and come to life.

Gareth Inkster would be all over the radio in a different time. Pick up his tunes to keep this going.

Claiming Neptune "Lovin' On You"

claiming neptune lovin on you music review

Claiming Neptune delivers cosmic vibes with their latest release, “Lovin’ On You.”

The group hails from Austin, Texas, and they are on a mission toward becoming the first band in space. While they wait for Elon Musk to return some phone calls, Claiming Neptune is spending their time on Earth writing and performing their own brand of alternative indie rock. “Lovin’ On You” has an undeniable reggae swagger that makes you want to sway along to the groove.

Check out their second interplanetary studio EP, the self-titled Claiming Neptune.

Young Rising Sons "Sad"

young rising sons sad clap your hands

Young Rising Sons smack us all in the head with “Sad (Clap Your Hands).”

Never heard of these dudes before, but Young Rising Sons have a few songs out right now that are worth checking out. Their productions and arrangements are huge, drilling indie pop into our brains. “Sad” is one of these tunes that will have everyone clapping along. It’s a cool concept, too: we are all bummed out, but it isn’t all that bad if we stop complaining and just enjoy what we have.

You might have heard their music on TV and Film. If not, check out Young Rising Sons.

Liily "Toro"

liily toro

Liily is a young rock and roll group tearing things up.

It’s nice to see a band abusing their instruments — in a good way. With glimmers of The Foo Fighters (a la “All My Life”) and The Refused, Liily is probably even better live than they are on tape. The boys remind us that rock used to be energetic and deliberately chaotic. Good to see them out there shaking things up.

Their video is also rad. Check out Liilys’ “Toro” and bang your head to the beat.

Helenor "Bloodshot Eyes"

helenor bloodshot eyes

Dig the slide guitar and 808s on “Bloodshot Eyes” by Helenor.

The work of Bostonian visual artist David DiAngelis (Helenor), “Bloodshot Eyes” is a tune about the current political climate in The United States. The song is wavy and thought-provoking — bobbing around like a cork in the ocean. Fans of Beck will like swimming around with this one.

Helenor’s debut EP Something Twice is on the way — looking forward to more slide geetar.