Turtlenecked "Sewing Machine"

 turtlenecked music review

Turtlenecked has us paying attention with their new single, “Sewing Machine.”

Listening to “Sewing Machine” is like taking a bicycle ride around a cartoon village. There are so many colors, textures, and surprises that make this animated tune come to life — a little bit of this (sampled vocals) and a little bit of that (organic instruments) mixed with unique hooks and catchy melodies appearing throughout the song. It’s safe to say we’ve never heard anything like the sounds of Turtlenecked.

If you’re looking for something new and original, check out Turtlenecked “Sewing Machine.”

The Legal Immigrants "Hang On"

 legal immigrants music review

The Legal Immigrants will tear your ears off with their new song, “Hang On.”

Some bands try to put the pedal to metal and come up short. Not The Legal Immigrants. These fellas figured it out. “Hang On" is gritty, wild, and has catchy vocal and guitar breaks throughout. With a Zeppelin meets Traffic vibe, the production is saturated and filled with epic panning and timely effects. Whoever produced this puppy deserves a firm hand shake and a drink at the bar. Cherry on top: “This Song Sucks” at the end. Awesome.

Dig the rock and roll riffage of The Legal Immigrants “Hang On,” and be sure to check out “Folk Yes.”

The Simple Parade "Going Through Something"

 the simple parade music

The Simple Parade remind us that everyone has their own struggle and each one of us is “Going through Something.”

Songwriters Justin and Kayla Hooper have crafted a tune that touches on pure emotion. There isn’t a soul in the world who doesn’t experience hardship at some time or another. Life can change in an instant, and The Simple Parade have put this truth to music. The lyrics are honest and reflective, with a blend of heartache and hope. We can see why this duo has earned praise from songwriting competitions and magazine features. The video pulls no punches and is as moving as the song’s message.

Join The Simple Parade and remember that everyone is “Going Through Something.”

Gracie and The Valley "Doorbell Dixie"

 gracie and the valley doorbell dixie

Gracie and The Valley will make you smile with their latest single, “Doorbell Dixie.”

Reminiscing over childhood games and memories, “Doorbell Dixie” is a foot-shuffler of a tune. It will keep your toes tapping and fingers snapping. The call and answer vocals are sweet and sentimental, perfectly produced, and fun. This is a sing along kind of song that bounces around your brain and comes out in the form of singing over the kitchen sink or while driving down the road. Gracie and The Valley have given the world something pretty neat with “Doorbell Dixie.”

Gracie and The Valley’s new album, Chrysanthemum is out now everywhere. Enjoy!

AWKWARD i "A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky"

 awkward i music review

AWKWARDS i’s “A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky” is a stirring tune that evokes a sixties renaissance.

Fans of The Zombies will immediately latch on to the beautiful arrangement and chord progression of “A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky.” A layer of twinkling instrumentation comes and goes in a dynamic performance. The string section gives off a nostalgic Beatles vibe, and the doubled vocals conjure up The Kinks. These retro music box melodies are met with a modern touch and an equally reflective music video. Artistic and lovely.

Let AWKWARD i take you on an enchanting journey with “A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky.”

Menage "They Never Call"

 menage music review

Menage offer up a catchy pop rock tune with their latest single, “They Never Call.”

There’s something about the magic siblings bring to musical projects. Menage is no exception, as this brother and sister duo write sweeping pop and rock melodies. “They Never Call” features an anthem-like chorus that propels the song into the chart-worthy stratosphere. We love a good hook and Menage knows how to write a great one. Stick around to the three minute mark for a wildly catchy closing. We dig the sugary sheen production, and believe this group has a shot at competing on the world stage. Their sound is radio ready and fun listening.

Enjoy the modern sounds and epic chord progressions of Menage and “They Never Call.”

The Quill "The Tower At Hunter's Moon"

 nicky francis the quill

The Quill have produced a floral audio experience in The Tower At Hunter’s Moon.

Sonic-wise, arrangement-wise, production-wise, The Quill are peerless. Under the musical direction of Nicky Francis, this group of musical pioneers is as talented as they are unique. It’s a wonderful thing to hear organic instruments being played by true artisans. From the moment “Amherst Road” grabs your imagination until the enchanting bookend “Dovedale,” it is clear The Quill are exploring new territories. Nicky is a songwriter with vision and ability of a bygone era. While most composers are reaching for synthetic sample libraries, The Quill collectively relies on hard-earned craft. The lyrics alone (“Eye Of The Hurricane” especially) are breathtaking.

We have praised “Luna Di Luna” in the past, but each song on The Tower At Hunter’s Moon deserves a quiet, moonlit listen. It is poetic and reflective from beginning to end.


VOLK "Honey Bee"

 volk music review

Yes, yes, yes — VOLK is unbelievably awesome and “Honey Bee” shows them in all their glory.

With loud guitar riffage and galloping drums, this duo will sock it to you. It’s like hearing real rock and roll for the first time in years. Modern day Zeppelin meets Ram Jam. The “Honey Bee” video erupts from the screen much like the song jumps from the speakers. Their live show must be the place to be every time they take the stage. Sequins, loud ten-gallon hats and glitter galore add extra flare, but the music this duo creates in worthy of praise all in itself. We hope they keep banging away.

Like fireworks going off in a sock drawer, VOLK demands your immediate attention.

Vern Matz "Systematically Gone"

 vern matz review

Vern Matz writes music that sways into your thoughts and sticks with you long after listening.

Their latest release, “Systematically Gone” features a lush production, courtesy of Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Blind Pilot). A distant piano gives way to gently strummed acoustic guitar, before being joined by drums — one of our favorite indie rock arrangements. The vocals are mesmerizing, with a tasteful combination of reverb and delay. Put it all together and you get a song that enchants the listener and gets them thinking.

If you’re a fan of alternative indie rock, add Vern Matz and “Systematically Gone” to your playlist.

CKAY "Feel Good"

 ckay music review

CKAY has commanded our attention with her hip new release, “Feel Good.”

Three-time winner of “Live At The Apollo,” CKAY is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. This New York based singer/songwriter has the goods to grab listeners with a unique blend of alternative pop. “Feel Good” is a neat song to kick a can to. The production is filled with glorious saturation, crispy drums, fizzy bass lines, and perfectly performed vocals. CKAY even employs a Weezer vibe around the 2:20 mark. The whole track sounds raw, yet sonically clear. Impressive.

We are keeping an ear on CKAY and suggest you do the same if you want to “Feel Good.”