The Carvels NYC

Carvels Band Music.png

The Carvels NYC write songs steeped in NYC attitude. They are a driving rock and roll outfit with swagger and grit. Fans of the NY Dolls and The Ramones will bop to the sounds of The Carvels NYC. We asked them 3 questions. Here are their answers:

Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

If The Ramones and The Ronettes had children and Lou Reed was the nanny, they would grow up to be The Carvels NYC! If Max’s Kansas City had a sock hop, we would be the band!

What is your songwriting process like?

The first step of a great song is a cool title. When you have a cool title, the chorus writes itself. The verses are like the fruit of the chorus, and when you season it with a bridge, intro, outro…you have a delicious song.

Once you try the recipe a few times you have it perfected and ready to serve up in a tasty recording.

Where do you see your music career in three years?

Although we are not mainstream pop there is an international audience that is hungry for music like ours. Our records sound amazing on the radio, so we’d like to continue getting airplay in our global niche.

We’re also a great live band and hope to play across the nation and the world in clubs, bars, and festivals. With the right label we could be a great fit for music shows like Jools Holland.

Our songs would sound amazing on commercials, TV shows and movie soundtrack.