Ricky Montgomery

Exotic sonic landscapes layered with honey harmonies and groovy melodies -- definitely something everyone can dig. We asked Ricky Montgomery 3 questions.  Here are his (and The Boys') answers:

Who are your biggest musical influences at the moment?

This tends to change day by day for us and we all have different tastes. Collectively, though, we tend to bring up folks like Frank Ocean, Danny Brown and Radiohead more than anybody else. We've also been really loving Ariel Pink and the new MGMT album a lot.

What is your songwriting process like?

It's pretty hectic right now since we've moved into the same house and started doing our patreon. We'll get together every night or so and try to hammer out any songs we're working on. It's changed our process a lot and, with that, our sound.

We generally start with a riff one of us is working on and then we'll hum melodies over it until something sticks. Lots of mumbling and making grunting noises at each other. Then I'll eventually write some lyrics with the melodies. It's a slow, imperfect process but we're all loving it a lot.

Where do you see your music career in three years from now?

Probably as the biggest band in history. If not that, then we'd at least like to be touring regularly and making enough money off of music to sustain ourselves. Probably the first one, though.